Resource List for Confirmation Preparation

I've received several requests for a more detailed resource list for Confirmation preparation. This is a resource list for the Confirmation notebook.  Please bear in mind that this is a two-year project.  Some of the books have more mature content than others but are wholly appropriate for young adults on the verge of Confirmation. I begin with the less intense books and move to the others.  The success of this preparation rests solely on lots of discussion. When to begin preparation is really a matter of the parents' discretion.  Some children will not be ready for this kind of study before they are well into the teen years.  Others will begin to ask questions and initiate discussions that indicate their readiness at twelve or thirteen.


A Philadelphia Catholic in King James’ Court (Kennedy)

Prove it! God (Wellborn)

Prove It! Church (Wellborn)

Prove It! Prayer (Wellborn)

Prove It! Jesus (Wellborn)

Did Adam and Eve have Belly Buttons? (Pinto)

Boys to Men (Gray and Martin)

You Can Become A Saint! (Budnik)

Mere Christianity (Lewis)

We’re On a Mission From God (Bonacci)

Rome Sweet Home (Hahn)

Surprised By Truth (Madrid)

Surprised By Truth II (Madrid)

Welcome Home (Claveau)

Your Questions: God’s Answers (Kreeft)

This IS My Body (Shea)

By What Authority? (Shea)

The Screwtape Letters (Lewis)

Real Love (Bonacci)

Witness To Hope (Wiegel)

Letters to  a Young Catholic (Weigel)


For discussion:

Catholic Christianity (Kreeft)

For memory:

Things Every Catholic Should Know

For narration:


The Apostle's Creed

The Sacraments

The Ten Commandments

Church History

To be narrated:

God's Merciful Love

A Life of Our Lord for Children (Hunt)

The First Christians (Hunt)

The Great Adventure (Cavins)

Salvation History (Hahn)

Mrs. Carroll's History Sampler Series

Stories of the Saints

To be narrated: Vision Books for Youth