A Pilgrimage to Our Lady of La Leche

We had three very specific missions for our morning in Saint Augustine. The first was to thank Our Lady of La Leche for hearing our prayers of nineteen months ago. With great joy, we brought Karoline Rose, now nine months old, to the Chapel of Our Lady of Leche, where my husband and I had asked Our Lady to intercede for us on our previous visit. We took our sweet girl and all her siblings to the rustic old chapel set beautifully in St. Augustine, Florida.Our_lady_of_la_leche_chapel

Once there, we thanked Our Lady, but then, like audacious children conscious that their mother is unceasingly generous, we asked for more. We took this post from Bridget’s blog, where she has listed all those Catholic friends of ours yearning for just one more soul and we read the sidebar to our gentle Mother. Then, we left it in the petition box. Still, though, we were not finished. Petition_2

I had just received an email asking for a very, very specific prayer request. My dear friend Donna was welcoming a grandchild into the world. For the past several years, Donna and I have had an inexplicable bond of interwoven prayers where babies are concerned. My family and I had the great joy of praying to  Our Lady of the Milk and Happy
for Stevie and John, and for Leigha Rose, and for her wonderful grandmother. Leigha was born that day and I just know Our Lady of La Leche was smiling at the happy coincidence.Olg_mosaic



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    We live about an hour from St Augustine. The Mission is our favorite spot. Isn’t our Lady of LaLeche beautiful? Hope you are enjoying your trip!

  2. says

    Isn’t it just a beautiful place Elizabeth? We visited when I was 7 months along with Molly, and we were blessed with a miracle through the intercession of Our Lady of La Leche while she was in the NICU. That trip was full of little miracles!

  3. Maria Therese says

    Hello! May I please ask for prayers? My name is Maria Therese. My husband Ed and I were married on June 16th, 2007 on the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary! We are hoping and praying to be blessed with children. My husband just turned 43 yesterday and I will be 41 in a week. Do you think it’s possible we can have a child even though we are in our forties? A possible complication is that I am prone to ovarian cysts and right now I have one on my left ovary. However my doctor told me it will disapear if I get pregnant. I have been a teacher at a daycare for nineteen years and LOVE children. I would very much love to have children of my own to know and love Jesus and His Mother, raise in the Catholic faith, and bring up in a traditional Catholic home. Is it really possible to have children in your forties? I would really LOVE to hear from others who are hoping and praying for children in their late thirties and forties (and hear from those who were blessed with children around my age!). Thank you so much! I am newly married and just moved to a new area. I do not know anybody here. I would love to make some new Catholic friends both online and offline. I hope to hear from some of you.
    My email is: prayrosary4life@aol.com
    Please know that I am praying for all of you too.
    Maria Therese in Mass :)

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    I’m so glad you could all visit again as a family sharing in prayers of thanksgiving. It has been so many years since I have visited the shrine and would love to again!

  5. LadyHatton says

    My parents offered my petition at the shrine in Feb.2002 and a year later my younger son was born–a few months shy of my 45th birthday. I hope to take my children there some day for a pilgrimage to offer thanks to God and Our LLL.

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    My Irish aunts had their last babies 45/6 years old…i’m 44 & still fertile although avoiding another baby (much sadness!) due to severe health problems…will pray for all asking for prayers..God bless