Details, details and a sweet little giveaway :-)

Hey there! This is just a quick note to see if I can answer several emails at once. 

Q: Are you still accepting sponsors for your blog?

A: I sure am! If you are interested in having a button on the sidebar and an opportunity to bless my readers with giveaways, I am happy to make that happen. Just email intheheartofmyhome AT gmail DOT com for details.


Q: What happened to your blog updates on Facebook?

A: No clue. Well, that's not exactly true. I've checked and double checked the feed and so has Joy. Some people are seeing them, but some people are not. All the posts are set to "public" when they feed, so I'm not sure why some people aren't getting them when they had them previously.  It could be that when FB switched over, all of your friend subscriptions were automatically set to "Most Updates." You might have to go in and manually change them to "All Updates." 


Q: What about Google Reader?

A: This blog actually has two feeds to Google Reader. Either one will work. To add the blog to your Google Reader click the rainbow icon on the upper right margin of the front page of the blog. Or click here.

Q: Is there a way to get email notifications of your posts? I don't like to use Google Reader or Facebook.

A: There sure is! At the top of the righthand margin are drawn icons. From left to right, they are: Twitter, Google Reader /Rss, Ravelry,Facebook, email me. Directly beneath that is a box for you to subscribe directly to the blog via email. If you do that, I"ll mail you with an update, once a day, with a link to any new posts that day. Or, you can Subscribe to In the Heart of my Home by Email using this link.

And then, if you haven't had enough of me, you can find me playing over at Pinterest, too.

All of this sounds like a little bit of work for you. How about a reward? If you subscribe via Google Reader or Email or if you change you Facebook settings so that you can see my updates, leave me a note in the combox. I'll draw a random winner and reward your clicking with a new copy of Crafting with Kids. Drawing a week from today!



Teach Yourself Visually Crafting with Kids gives you step-by-step instructions for a variety of fun, simple craft projects to make with kids, from paper and fabric art to traditional craft-stick-and-pipe-cleaner activities—and everything in between. Together, you'll create kid-friendly projects that promote learning through play, celebrate seasons and holidays, add charm and whimsy to indoor and outdoor dĂ©cor, and so much more. Whether you're looking for a way to beat the rainy-day blues or need some new ideas to get your kids' creative juices flowing, this friendly guide will keep you crafting all year long.


So keep in touch! And leave a comments and let me know how you're keeping in touch.


  1. Danielle M. says

    Please tell us how the sponsorships work. You have opened my eyes to these wonderful companies, and I have shopped with them and plan to use them soon for Christmas gifts. is it like Amazon where I should click from your site to order, or does it not matter? Want to make sure you get the credit you deserve :)

  2. says

    That is intentional. The posts are sponsored by the good folks in the sidebar. If you can read the whole thing in a feed reader or by email, then you never see the sponsor’s information. It’s for their benefit that we ask you to read here. Also, a great deal of thought and love went into blog design. We’ve built goodies into the headers and the sidebars and hopefully provided some eye candy, too. You miss all those visuals in Google Reader. Hopefully, that one click doesn’t take too long and is worth it after all:-).

  3. says

    Thank you Elizabeth, I am now a ‘real’ follower. I have had you in my favorites file since I didn’t know how to add this blog to my reader. Now I do..Yah!

  4. Talia says

    I follow by email, twitter, and google reader, but I didn’t know about facebook! I’ll ‘like’ you there, so that my friends can see this great site too!

  5. Mimi P says

    When I clicked on the Facebook heart it took me to your personal page to “friend” you and I did but was that what I was supposed to do??? Do you have a separate page for me to like??/
    LOVE your blog and visit daily:)

  6. Christine says

    Hi Elizabeth,
    I have been a daily reader for quite some time and now being an e-mail subscriber will simplify it for me.
    God bless your family,
    Christine S.

  7. says

    I use google reader, but I have to click to the blog to read the posts. I am not sure why this is, because some of the blogs I read have the posts right there in the reader. It’s probably me not knowing what to do…

  8. says

    Just sent you a friend request on FB. I usually do things the old fashioned way and just use my bookmarks to check in. Your blog blesses me–thank you!

  9. says

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this book! As a (new!) home-educating mom who doesn’t particularly like crafts, this may give me the little boost that I need =) I know my kids will appreciate it!
    P.S. And thank you for posting such beautiful learning ideas. I am currently reading through your Advent plans, and they are guiding me toward making my own little unit study for the season =)

  10. Ashley Hoffman says

    I have been a reader for a couple of years. Found you through Sally Clarkson’s blog.
    Bless you and yours,

  11. Jennifer Reed says

    I’ve been reading every day for years now, ever since I finished Real Learning. Now I’ll have you delivered to my inbox. Thank you!
    Jenn in NH

  12. Loretta S. says

    Dear Elizabeth – I stop by on most days, but now it’ll be nice to get you right in my inbox. Looking forward to it! – Loretta

  13. says

    Thanks Elizabeth! I definitely understand if it is intentional, but many other blogs who do this provide a link at the bottom of the shortened post that say “come over to our site to finish this post” at the end.
    In fact, when I first followed your blog from a link on a different parenting site, I thought it was the shortest, strangest blog I had ever read. The truncation just does not look intentional. I realized my mistake after awhile (and I love this blog!), but it might be a good idea to make it more clear in reader :)

  14. Stephanie says

    Elizabeth, thank you for the reminder to sign up for email updates! I stop by your blog whenever I have time, or need some daily inspiration, but a message in my inbox will be even better!
    Thank you!
    (if this is a duplicate post, I apologize! I was not sure it posted the first time….)

  15. says

    I follow you on twitter and with google reader–although I think I’ll subscribe by email–much easier to make sure I don’t miss anything. Not sure how I found you, but so glad I am..actually think I googled catholic blogs…

  16. Michele says

    Dear Elizabeth,
    I so enjoy reading your blog. I subscribe through e-mail so that I miss nothing. :-)
    God bless,

  17. Katrina says

    I just signed up to get updates through my email. I love your blog. You have a wonderful family and a great outlook on faith and family!
    I also just started reading Educating The Whole Hearted Child. Thanks for the recomendation!

  18. Jamie says

    Hi, Elizabeth! I haven’t been active on Facebook in a long time, but just sent you a friend request anyway! I get your emails each day and they continue to bless my family and friends … your thoughts and prayers are so very inspirational!

  19. says

    I’ve been trying to figure out how to read your blog on my Kindle. I tried a neat site called Kindlefeeder, but it seemed to be skipping posts. Now I’m trying a combination of Google Reader and Calibre….

  20. says

    Hi Elizabeth. I subscribed via email so I’ll see your posts more frequently than my random checking in favorites. Praying for you all today.
    Pam (Barbara’s sister in MD)

  21. Cherie S. says

    I follow you on Facebook. Sorry to hear about you glitch, but had I not seen that post I would have missed this opportunity. I somehow missed this giveaway post.
    God Bless you and your family, Cherie

  22. says

    Great blog. its a need of today’s generation, but i think it need more information about this topic,
    really not a bad but i wish it looks more complete..
    Bundle of Thanks…

  23. Stephanie says

    Thanks for the reminder to change my fb settings to get all of your updates :). They always bless my day!

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