It started six weeks ago, the morning of Rachael's father's funeral. The words began to haunt anew: lymph node, trial of antibiotics, blood work, sed rate, xray. I knew the progression. I'd lived it before. First this, then this, then cancer, then chemo, then…

This time, though, the words were spoken by my pediatrician. This time, I was not the patient. This time, I was the mom.

She's been through so much this fall that it breaks my heart. Not this, too. Surely not this.

Please Lord, this cup? Let it pass?

And then, after what seemed like eternal waiting and watching, new words.

Within normal limits.

And I am grateful.

Just inhaling the wonder of a normal every day.


  1. says

    Oh Elizabeth, oh I had wondered, at little things you’ve mentioned in recent posts. I am relieved for you and for her, for all of you. You all are in my prayers.

  2. says

    My prayers have been with you and your family for ‘whatever they need prayers for’
    May you, and your family, have a relaxed and joy-filled Thanksgiving.
    (and thank you for sharing the good news)

  3. diabra says

    Thankyou God for normal. Oh Elizabeth I’m sorry you have had to even go through the waiting on this. Normal is wonderful.

  4. Sharon O says

    Oh that is something to be thankful for… such fear is so hard to deal with, my husband is going in for a liver biopsy tomorrow, a mass was found and they don’t know what it is… a new journey for us. Prayers needed and trust. We choose to trust even when we don’t want such a problem in our midst.

  5. says

    Like many others who’ve commented, I too have wondered about all the doctor’s appointments mentioned in past posts. How terribly frightening these past few months must have been for both you and your daughter! And what a relief that things are OK.
    Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. says

    Thank God, and thank you for sharing. Your example is powerful and a force for good. Not perfect? None of us are in this fallen world, but the struggle is worth the effort, thank for showing that at times it really is an effort and a struggle.
    God bless you all.

  7. Jennifer says

    And thank YOU, for this comment in your article: “Why do I take an errant comment and make it an epic argument?” I thought I was the only one who did this!!! Now that I know you also do, well… it gives me more inspiration to change it! This has to stop. And if I know you are trying to change that, I will try to change it. I’m sure my beloved husband will be grateful to you for this!!!
    God Bless,
    Mom to 8
    White Oak, PA

  8. says

    That is great news!
    Why sometimes it is good news and other times… not so good? I’ve stopped trying to figure God out.
    I do know that through the way we go through suffering, He uses it to help others. Just as you do in your writing.

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