On Monday Morning

I find myself:

::noticing God's glory

What an incredibly beautiful weekend we just had! The weather was perfectly perfect.  I find myself more than a bit envious of Ginny's Thanksgiving hike. Sigh.

Today looks lovely, too , though, so perhaps we can get outside a bit more than planned 


::listening to 

The soundtrack for Winnie-the-Pooh.


::clothing myself in 

jeans, oxford cloth shirt, cute & comfy clogs, and Christmas lip gloss. Of course.


::giving thanks for

good news.

::pondering prayerfully


Go in peace, glorifying the Lord by your life

~From the dismissal in the New Roman Missal.


I love that. Don't you?









DSC_1056 (1)



                                                                  {Queen of the Kitchen}




{big shoes to fill} 

::clicking around these links

Here are some of the places I've visited recently:

a really long list of pie recipes.

THIS is the attitude to capture for the Advent season and well beyond

All these great ideas and dazzling eye candy from Anna Maria Horner

Interested to read this series on making social media behave

Prayers for Rebecca Bresnahan and family

And more prayers for Matt Wise


::turning the pages of this book

Grace for the Good Girl by Emily Freeman. I'm reading and re-reading and making plans to share with my duaghter. I can't recommend this book enough. I'm staggering that reading with Kimberly Hahn's Legacy of Love (much more on that later).


::thinking thoughts as I go about my daily round

I have very little control. That's it. Just that. Control is an illusion.


::creating by hand

This is the week to create the last four quilt blocks and then to actually quilt the Christmas quilt so that we can enjoy it this month. Not exactly sure how to do that, but I'm pretty determined.


{kids table}


{dining room table}

::learning lessons in

time management. Actually, no, not that. Really, we don't manage time, do we? We manage ourselves. For a short period of time, we might even manage other people in our care. But we don't really manage time. I am going to manage myself and hold my children accountable for managing themselves to accomplish a great deal of academic-at-the-table work in the next three weeks. We must, because we are a bit behind our schedule, having spent time on college visits and doctor's appointments and sleepy mornings after long and late Nutcracker rehearsals.


::encouraging learning 

The little girls and I are committed to reading through every single Advent and Christmas book. Most are linked along the sidebar. Read with us?

And we will defnitely hit some of these links at Serendipity. Lots of ideas there for Advent and Christmas.


::carefully cultivating rhythm

Discipline. I am all about disciplining. Me, first.

Oh, and some thoughts and traditions that make this season rich.


::begging prayers

Gosh, would y'all just whisper a real quick prayer for real big deal I can't write about right now? I promise to fill you in later. Promise. 


::keeping house

We decorated a bit for Christmas--definitely getting the Advent notions out. I'm doing it this slowly this year, mostly because I am trying to figure out how best to minimize clutter as I go.


::crafting in the kitchen 

Not turkey. Or ham. I am cateirng to Mike's birthday wishes today and making chicken enchildadas, but after that, I'm going all lean and green.

{dinner's ready}

::loving the moments

 when, in a very rare occurence, my mom and dad and sister and I all shared a meal together with our families. Rare and precious. Giving thanks, indeed.


::living the liturgy

 I find myself reading and rereading the words of the new Roman Missal. Thoughtfully. That's such a good thing.

The St. Andrew Christmas Prayer begins this week.  I love this devotion.  Are you ready?


::planning for the week ahead

Remember the Friday quiet I wanted so badly last week? It totally didn't happen. Didn't happen on Saturday or Sunday either. It just plain didn't happen at all.It will happen this week. I intend to make it happen. 

Today, I have to go explain to the doctor that my arm was feeling much better until Karoline flooded the bathroom and, in a desperate attempt to stop the water, I used the plunger. With both arms. I seriously doubt that I will be able to knit when make our long road trip in January. Considering my cross stitch options. And, honestly, wondering what God wants--knitting is out; texting is out; I can't hold the phone in my left hand and can't hear out of my right ear; typing is ridiculously slow and tedious; housework is awkward. 

Then I need to register Patrick for next semester's dual enrollement at the community college.

Then I need to pick up a few things for Mike's birthday celebration and some more jars for jam.

And then, I am going to sew. A lot. 

And clean. And clear out clutter with reckless abandon.

And ballet and basketball and Bible study and Montessori mornings and Catechesis of the Good Shepherd and all the other regular things. 

With a lot of quiet sewing.

And sewing.

 Oh, and you? You have one more day to make sure you're in on these great giveaways.

::capturing the images of my days



{happy endings}