Papa and the Pioneer Quilt

Papa quilt

Rebecca's Papa has wandering feet. He packs up the family in a covered wagon and they head to Oregon. Along the way, Rebecca gathers scraps of fabric from family and friends, meaningful mementoes of their journey together. When they arrive in Oregon, she quilts all the memories into a lovely blanket. The book was inspired by the pioneer quilt pattern "Wandering Feet."  

We had a wonderful time with this one. I sat with a handful of 5 inch fabric squares on my lap and handed one to each of my three listeners every time Rebecca gathered a scrap for her collection. At the end, I added a few more. Then we sat on the floor, they did a little trading, and designed their own small quilts. We stitched them all together for some very lucky baby dolls.


Photo credit: Evelyn Hockstein for the New York Times. Used with Permission.
Papas quilt 1

Papas quilt 1


Photo credit: Evelyn Hockstein for the New York Times. Used with Permission.

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  1. Patty says

    oh to be homeschooling again. This unit looks like fun, although I’d probably end up buying a sewing machine…

  2. says

    I noticed the icon wall! Lovely! Looks like so much fun, that unit study. That is one of those things I consign to my dreams, at least so far.

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