Link upon these things...

 {Sarah is sitting with me as I type. She insisted I share this one with you.}

I'm astounded that Thanksgiving is less than a week away. And then, it will be Advent. And the Nutcracker. Then Christmas, followed immediately by The Wedding. Lately, I've been planning lots of small and big moments when guests will be in my home. These hospitality moments don't come naturally to the introverted me. I'm grateful to have many, many opportunities to practice the real deal kind of hospitality. Perhaps, one day, I will be good at it. Much more on that in my post here at MomHeart. Please read it; I'd love to encourage one another.

I'm woefully behind in linking to Herald columns.

Here are some thoughts on living the Year of Faith. What does that even mean? And isn't that really the point? I have a tendency to get caught up in the learning of it all, to intellectualize. Here are my reminders to myself to live it.

Last week wasn't my column week, it was Barbara Curtis' week. We used to share the space. I wrote in her space as a tribute to her.

I've all but walked away from social media in the wake of the election. Angry, insulting, hysterical newsfeeds were doing a number on my sense of peace. I gathered all my post-election plans and thoughts and hopes in spot and posted them here. Very quiet plans, they are.