1. Judy says

    Thank you for the link to this conversation, Elizabeth. I especially appreciated the section about young adults coming and going. I have loved every stage of motherhood, and for the largest part felt confident about following the Scriptures and the wise promptings of the Holy Spirit in parenting. Parent/child roles were clearly defined and the relationship always felt close and blessed, so I understood that the satisfaction of bringing a child to the place of mature independence would also bring with it the sadness of separation, but nothing I had read, no conversation I had had, prepared me for the challenge of what my role or expectations ought to be during the summer return of my first young adult. I had marvelled at the way he had taken care of life, including laundry, all grocery shopping and cooking, becoming a part of local church and medical venturer (scouting) communities, in addition to his studies, and had, because of the blessings of skype and texting, felt less separated than I had expected during his first year away, and that has been the case again since his return to university (we had wonderfully interesting and prayerful conversations over a medical ethics assignment just last week), but I felt very undone by the summer months – how to balance the reality of his independent adult life on the one hand, his slipping easily back into expectations of being the cared for child on the other, while both of us struggled through my feeling guilty and his feeling resentful about what felt like me nagging. It made me sad.
    If you have further insight on making those transitions easier, I would love to hear them.

  2. Jeannine says

    I am 2/3 of the way into the podcast and am really loving this, Elizabeth. So much of what you are discussing resonates within my heart. More podcasts, Elizabeth!

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