Shop for Bracelets and Feed Orphans {and be entered for the Big Giveaway}


Give: 1 bracelet –> 1 child –>1 week of food

What started as a traveling surfer's promise to a child in an orphanage in Bali Indonesia became an international movement.

Please don't forget about us!

It was the plea of an older child as the surfer was leaving for the airport after an extended stay.

"Don't worry; I won't," came the answer, steady and sure.

And he didn't. And he hasn't.

Give banner

B100151 Light Pink Beaded Bracelet

Please take a moment or two to get to know this organization:  please go read. These are amazing folks who are working so hard on behalf of orphans in Bali. 

We did a lot of shopping at GIVE Bracelets last  year. The motto at GIVE is One Bracelet-> One Child-> One Week of Food.  By the time we finished Christmas shopping, we'd fed thirteen children. Thirteen bracelets! I've now seen every style, from the simple friendship bracelets to an absolutely beautiful silver bracelet. I've shopped (and helped my kids shop) for people from 13 to 40-something. 

And then, we did it again this year. I can't tell you what we bought and where it's going because there are still gifts to give. What I can tell you is that as people receive these gifts, they're as excited as we are. The bracelets are lovely and the gift bag spells out the real gift: because of where it was purchased, the bracelet given feeds a child in Bali for a week.


Styles vary widely, as do price points. It's been nice to shop where there is something for everyone. 


Here's an update from Charlie on the latest at Give:

The latest news is from the orphanage Charlie visited last year on the island of Timor. This orphanage has 28 children all with different levels of mental and/or physical disabilities. All eight of the children that needed surgeries have gotten them! Six more needed surgeries because of birth defects and with the money Charlie left on this trip, along with the funds Give has been sending, they all have been able to get the needed surgeries! Charlie received a package recently with photos of each of the children before and after their surgeries. Each child had a brand new school uniform. They are each being fed well by the goats and chickens that they now have for milk and eggs and they are drinking freely from a new water well that has been dug!

This video beautifully captures the spirit of Give 

Remember to keep this amazing company in your constant prayers as their mission helps so many children. Also, keep Charlie's wife in your prayers as she's expecting in a few weeks.


Now, on to how you can help:  Give Bracelets offers a wide variety of bracelets in difference price ranges to meet your needs. Whether it be mothers, grandmothers, daughters, teachers, girlfriends, wives, aunts or sisters there is an appropriate bracelet for all of them. They offer silver, cuff, wrap and many other bracelets that are perfect for gifts! The best part about it is1 bracelet is 1 week of food for a child in need! 


Give Bracelets has graciously offered $200 store credit to the winner of this giveaway. Winner to be announced Thursday evening. All you have to do is like Give Bracelets on Facebook, Follow on Twitter, or Subscribe on YouTube. If you don't do social media, just pass the link along to a friend or two;-). Then leave a comment below.   

The Giveaway winner is Marisa:-)


  1. Mimi P says

    Last year we bought a bunch of these for Christmas and they were a huge hit! Heading over to Facebook to share you link:)

  2. says

    I just placed my order for my three girls and something for me. I can’t wait to see it….I love how one of the bracelets can also be worn in the hair. It’s so great to buy a gift you will love giving!

  3. Cherie says

    I had already liked them on Facebook 2 years ago!
    These make wonderful Christmas gifts, 2 gifts in one, feed a child for a week, and give a loved one a pretty bracelet <3

  4. Julie says

    I went to try to buy the bracelet the woman is wearing in the above photo and it isn’t there – is it 3 bracelets woven together? I liked them on FB, and then even went and repinned some items for them on pinterest!
    If anyone can tell me how to achieve that braided look I would be greatful because that is exactly what I want! Thanks

  5. Eva says

    A year ago I gave my niece one of these for her bday. She loved it! I really think it’s also a great way to evangelize to others. Going to send link to friends and family. Thanks!

  6. MichelleW says

    I liked them on FB. We bought Christmas presents from them. Last year my daughter found a nice dark brown leather cuff for her 15 yo brother. He wears it often. I loved that we could find things for boys there too!

  7. Kate in NoVa says

    I liked on FB. They have a Pinterest page and I pinned a couple, too. Am considering the orange/navy sports bracelet (team colors).

  8. Justine Slominski says

    This organization, as well as its founders, never cease to amaze me. I first heard about it through your blog a few months back and immediately purchased a few bracelets for birthday gifts. Okay, fine, I also ordered two for myself, haha. After a week passed, I really wanted to purchased more bracelets! I frequently wear them to work and they serve as a wonderful means of advertisement for the organization. Rest assured I will be a permanent customer of Give., and wish them the best.
    Congratulations to Charlie and his wife!

  9. Mimi P says

    They used to sell that exact bracelet and I bought a few last year but it seems that they don’t have any available right now. Might be a stock issue?

  10. Elizabeth says

    This giveaway touches my heart this year. My sister is on a medical mission in Paraguay and would love a gift like this. The bracelets are beautiful and so incredibly affordable. I plan on shopping there tonight! I don’t tweet or Facebook but pinned them and hope to win the giveaway so I can buy one for the rest of my sisters!:)

  11. Kecia says

    Love these bracelets! I gave them last year to my daughter and niece, they enjoyed the bracelets and the gift of feeding a child for a week.

  12. Sara says

    This looks like the perfect gift for my tween daughter who likes jewelry and who has a heart for people in need — thanks for this post!

  13. says

    Thanks for sharing!! I ordered my girls bracelets. They’ll love the bracelets, but knowing my girls, they will be even happier about the week of food for a child :-)

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