It's a BIG GIVEAWAY! 1 Bracelet--->1 Child--->1 Week of Food {a brand new twist on a favorite way to feed orphans}


What started as a traveling surfer's promise to a child in an orphanage in Bali Indonesia became an international movement.

Please don't forget about us!

It was the plea of an older child as the surfer was leaving for the airport after an extended stay.

"Don't worry; I won't," came the answer, steady and sure.

And he didn't. And he hasn't.


Please allow me to take a moment to re-acquaint you with the good folks at GIVE Bracelets, or to introduce you for the first time. I love this company, their beautiful bracelets, and their wide-open bigger-than-big hearts. Over time, I've gotten to know a little about the people behind the business.

Christy Halsell shared how it all got started:

"When I went to Bali on my honeymoon in 2003, I had no idea it would gradually become such a pull in our lives.  

"Okay, that’s a lie.  I had a sneaking suspicion.  Probably because my husband, Charlie, is a surfer and pulling him away from the waves in Bali is like pulling a child away from Disneyland.  Or pulling me away from chocolate, to give a very realistic analogy. 

"Though I knew Bali was close to Charlie’s heart, I was surprised to find his vision for this small island so intense."

Christy had married a man who had made a promise on his first visit to Bali. And it was a promise he meant to keep. If you ask Charlie, it is Christy who has made it possible for him to keep the promise in ways neither of them could have imagined when they began their life together.

“She is my constant,” Charlie shares,  “I’ve always been a dreamer with only half-follow ups at best. Christy doesn’t forget the goals we set together. On her first trip to Bali – our honeymoon – I told her about my idea of starting a business to provide for the basic needs of the children, and she said ‘Let’s go for it!’ That’s when things started taking off.”

Christy picks up the story, "In fact, we ended up back in Bali a few short years later.  We spent nine months learning how to live and do business in this other culture with our two small boys. As we worked, we hoped to begin fulfilling our goals of helping others in need."


Styles vary widely, as do price points. It's been nice to shop where there is something for everyone. 

" During that nine months, we went weekly to an orphanage Charlie had visited years before on missions trips. Our vision for this orphanage began to take shape and today, through a few different importing/exporting business ventures, and with the involvement of Charlie’s family, we are blessed to be running a company named Give Bracelets."

Give Bracelets is a sustainable movement to provide food for children in orphanages throughout Indonesia. The vision is simple: every bracelet purchased directly benefits kids in need. So no matter what type of bracelet you choose:friendship braceletscharm braceletleather braceletbeaded braceletcuff bracelets or any of the other great  bracelets, you’re really choosing to make a difference. 

The Foss family has now purchased a little bit of everything: friendship bracelets, charm bracelets, leather bracelets, beaded bracelets, cuff bracelets and silver bracelets. And we've been very, very pleased. ( The pictures here don't begin to do justice to the silver bracelets. If you have someone special in mind--a special someone gift to buy--do consider these. I was blown away when I opened the package to check ours out and they were very well-received. I know the recipients of these bracelets care that there's more to the story: With every bracelet you purchase, Give Jewelry provides one week of nutritious food (that's 21 meals!) for a child in need. I'm not the only happy bracelet- buyer.


But all is not roses and happy packages in the bracelet business. There are downtimes. After the flurry of gift giving in December and February, people aren't as likely to purchase bracelets. But children are still hungry. Here's where this innovative new idea comes in.


There are gift-giving moments in your near future. Bracelets tuck nicely into Easter baskets. They are lovely (and much appreciated teacher's gifts). Graduates dig them. Mothers appreciate them. And it's also not a bad idea to keep a gift or two (all nicley wrapped and rpesentable already) for those moments when you want to give impulsively. Why not start buying one at a time and taking the burden off the big buying spree at the end of the year?

Join the bracelet of the month club:

Bracelet of the Month:The current most popular GIVE bracelet (in the $25 to $35 range) delivered to your doorstep plus a week of food donated in YOUR name once a month!! How cool is that!?

"The best part of wearing a bracelet by Give is the constant reminder it is of the difference I made in the life of a child. Each time I look at it on my wrist - I just feel good inside!" ~ quote from a Give customer

For yourself or a gift!

One-of-a-kind Bracelets→ Bali artisans create all bracelets by hand so no two pieces are identical. Joining the Bracelet of the Month Club will ensure that you always have a bracelet that is not only the latest style, but also truly one of a kind.

Each bracelet also has an exclusive "Give Jewelry" charm with removable clasp so you can remove and re-attach the charm where you prefer. (Attach your charm in a visible place to let people know about the difference you made!)


With every bracelet you purchase, Give Braclets provides one week of nutritious food (that's 21 meals!) for a child in need. Generosity looks good on you! 

Give Bracelets: The most affordable and effective way to make a difference  for a child in need.

Bracelet of the Month Club - How it works

Your first bracelet will be shipped to you within one business day of joining the Bracelet of the Month Club. Through using Paypal's ultra-secure subscription service, either your Paypal account or the card of your choice will receive a $20 deduction once a month that will include:

  • Give Jewelry's current Best Selling Bracelet (in the $25 to $35 range)
  • Our Signature "Smile" Gift Packaging
  • One Week of Nutritous Food (21 meals!!) donated in YOUR name
  • FREE shipping and handling!
  • The Priceless feeling you get when you KNOW you've made a difference

To Join the Bracelet of the Month Club, simply click on the "Add to Bag" button here and then "continue to checkout" to complete the process.IMPORTANT: To join the bracelet of the month club using Paypal's subscription service - this must be your only purchase with this order. (to purchase individual bracelets, please do so in a separate order)

The Bracelet of the Month Club - the easiest way to make a difference in the life of a child AND feel great year round!


Thanks for sticking with me so far. :-) The folks at Give Bracelets will give one Bracelet of the Month membership to a reader of In the Heart of my Home. To be entered, 

Go to the site, pick your favorite bracelet, leave a comment with your favorite bracelet, link and a short description (using descriptive words like cuff bracelet, friendship bracelet, etc.)

To up your chances, you're invited to leave bonus comments: 

Leave a comment for each “subscribe,” “follow,” or “like” or blog post you do!

Please help us spread the word about this wonderful organization! 

Everything above will GREATLY help the children at the orphanages GIVE supports by helping to get the word out about this easy, affordable way to Give.


 The winner will be posted in this post next Saturday. The winner of last week's giveaway is posted here

The winner is Heidi.

Heidi said... hard to choose a favorite! But I quite like the tan cuff bracelet with mother of pearl and abalone center,
I love this idea of Bracelet of the Month--so perfect for unique birthday (and other types) of gifts for a wide variety of ages, throughout the year. Thanks for doing this!