Hello from Hedgeapple Farm {giveaway}

I spent a few moments this week getting to know Lorraine of hedgapple farm and fiber studio. Please let me introduce you.

How did hedgeapple farm come to be?

hedgeapple farm came to be when I wanted to raise grass fed lamb for my family and friends. Eventually we had enough lamb to sell at the Des Moines Farmer Market.  Last year, hedgeapple fiber studio was born to separate the lamb from the fiber part of the business.

Is yours a family business?

We are a family run business, we all pitch in to help from my teenage boys helping with feeding and harvesting hay, to my husband who tags and gives the shots, to the young girls who help with making our dryer balls and packaging orders.


How do combine your work and your family life?
Combining my work and family life is always a struggle.  We also homeschool and I work part time at our local library.  As long as I keep my priorities straight– God, family, work– then everything works out.  I do have to keep reminding myself of that, especially lately.  Lambing season is here and will end sometime in late April.

What inspires you?
I enjoy making one of kind yarns or felted items from the wool of our own or locally raised sheep.  Nothing goes to waste here and I enjoy supporting local farms at the same time.  Also I get to use the creative side of me.

What's the product you are most excited about in your shop right now?
Right now my favorite item in my shops are my needle felted sheep.  I can't keep them in stock!


Lorraine has graciously offered to give away one set of felted dryer balls OR a felted sheep.


Dryer balls are super cool. Natural colored dryer balls are made from the wool of the sheep raised at  Hedgeapple Farm. The dryer balls weigh approx. 2 ounces and are solid wool that have been washed and dried twice, using a natural detergent, to create a sold wool ball. Wool dryer balls eliminate the need for dryer sheets and they last for years! They also reduce the drying time by up to 20% and reduce static cling. Lorraine recommends using 3 dryer balls and up to 9 for very large or heavy dryer loads like towels and jeans. The giveaway is for a package of 3 dryer balls

And the felted sheep? Well, pretty much too cute for words. 


Visit hedgeapple fiber studio and poke around a bit. Tell us what you saw there. Comments will be entered to win and the winner will be announced here next Saturday.

The winner is 

Kim F.  who said…

So much beautiful yarn…makes me want to learn how to knit! I'm intrigued by those dryer balls. I stopped using dryer sheets because I couldn't stand the overpowering smell.


  1. Mary says

    I am loving the felted dryer balls! My kids all have very sensitive skin, so we try not to use any dryer sheets or softener s in our wash. The plastic ones don’t cut it, I think we will have to give these a try! I also love the little sheep!

  2. Jamie says

    So excited for a chance to win those dryer balls. I just found out the plastic ones are bad for you. :( the baby hats were adorable!

  3. LeaAnn says

    What beautiful yarn!! The baby hats were adorable as well. Please enter me into the drawing for the dryer balls – they sound so great!!

  4. Cas says

    What beautiful yarn! I loved reading about your farm and family business. How many acres do you live on and how big of herd do you have? Thank you for sharing.

  5. Kristin says

    I would love to try the dryer balls! The newborn hats on the site are wonderful – perfect for my new little one coming in the fall :)

  6. juliea says

    I just saw the dryer balls on Pinterest last week. I was smitten immediately. Thank you so much for the chance to win some.

  7. says

    While there are many lovely items in the shop, That was fun really caught my attention.
    Thanks for the giveaway, the little sheep is adorable.

  8. Maria says

    These dryer balls are such a great idea and great for the environment too! I liked that the website offers a variety of products like he baby hat and colorful yarn for knitting.

  9. says

    How lovely . I liked the purple roving since my daughter is a beginner with needle felting.
    I’d love to win either prize. Thank you for introducing us to this business.

  10. Kelly says

    I love the dryer balls. I don’t use fabric softener sheets because my children have very sensitive skin. Great idea and way to help our environment!

  11. Gail says

    I really like the matching baby hats and mittens. The yarn is beautiful, but I’m not a knitter. I’ve been curious to try dryer balls for a while. I tried to make my own, but it didn’t work so well for me.

  12. Mamalion says

    I love the chunky yarns, so pretty, and the dryer balls are neat too! The little felted sheep is so sweet…

  13. LMS says

    The site is full of so many treats, it’s difficult to choose a favorite. The yarns look absolutely scrumptious, the baby hats and mitts are just precious. If I had to choose between the dryer balls or the adorable little sheep, I’m afraid cuteness would win out over practical (although it would pain me to forego those awesome dryer balls)!

  14. Kristin says

    I’m loving the dryer balls. Since having my son, I’ve been using plastic dryer balls so an upgrade is in order!

  15. Rachel says

    It would be fun to try out the dryer balls. I’d quit using dryer sheets for a long time with cloth diapering, but my husband has requested that I use them again. It would be great to have reuseable ones.

  16. Cari Clark says

    Wow! What a wonderful business! I love the baby hats–and I would LOVE those undyed dryer balls. So cool!

  17. Ann Marie says

    I am so excited to learn about the dryer balls. Switched to using vinegar instead of fabric softener but have really struggles with excessive static this winter! Love it even more that it is from my home state of Iowa (I grew up in Dubuque)!

  18. Mary says

    I would love a set of dryer balls! This is the 4th time I have seen them mentioned recently and I really want to try them!!

  19. says

    Thank you so much Cas! Your compliments mean the to me. We live on 38 acres, and we have 6 Lincoln’s and 20 Icelandic’s. We needed to reduce our herd by about half of what we had last year because of the drought.

  20. Jen says

    Oh my goodness! They use Icelandic wool!! My father is from Iceland. The wool is sooo warm. I would dearly love to have the little felted sheep.
    Jen in OK

  21. Cathy at the Circus says

    I would love the dryer balls! Even better that they’re made in Iowa (my Mom’s home state) :)

  22. Karen says

    Love the dryer balls and the sheep! I didn’t find the sheep on the website, but maybe I overlooked. It all looked wonderful!

  23. Kim F. says

    So much beautiful yarn…makes me want to learn how to knit! I’m intrigued by those dryer balls. I stopped using dryer sheets because I couldn’t stand the overpowering smell.

  24. Daniella says

    Wow, beautiful wools! I’ll be honest the wool blanket with the red trim caught my eye, absolutely stunning and that’s got to be the most beautiful thing she sells!
    Thank you for the chance to win the dryer balls! I’ve been wanting to switch for a long time now, this would be a grace and blessing if it happened this way!

  25. Nicole in MD says

    Well you learn something new every day. I had never heard of dryer balls until I read your post. I am putting their web site in my favorites now.

  26. Elaine Mulkey says

    Enjoyed looking at the yarns. It made me want to start knitting again. And the felted sheep…oh my, they are super cute!

  27. Stephanie P says

    Love the idea of the dryer balls. I have been trying to figure out what to use since I no longer use Downy. I miss the good fresh scent of that fabric softener….would love to try the dryer balls!

  28. Ashlee Tott says

    I just started felting with wool. What a great site. I would love to eliminate the cost of dryer sheets!

  29. says

    What should be purchased for the winter hats and fret? Hats and hair do not know how to match by color for the hair? Than look cute on the latest Japanese magazine model model it, see Xiaobian have heart it! Ready to start MM wool cap slightly round of study will happen!

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