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This is my favorite week of the year. It doesn’t always fall on the same week on the calendar, but it always falls in April and it’s always celebrated the same way in our family. We call it “Bluebell Week” and we delay our spring break until the blue flowers bloom along the banks of Bull Run. When those sweet flowers start to chime, we heed the call and pack blankets and sunscreen and water shoes and head for the creek.

Please read the rest here and let's talk about how important it is to get outside and what the benefits are when we spend time in nature. What are your favorite ways to get out and play?


  1. Mimi P says

    One day our family will go up to D.C. for a trip up to the nation’s capital and I firmly intend to visit this place. After all the years of watching it bloom with your blog, I love to see the flowers come out and greet your Spring!

  2. Marla Lynch says

    I just saw my first real live in-person bluebell this week when I visited my son at college in NC. I was so excited! And I thought of you. :)

  3. Mama Turtle says

    My favorite ways are to take a walk around a path by our local pond and give the kids “nature buckets.” We always come home with lots of rocks, pine cones, flowers, etc. The kids are also big fans of painting rocks they collect, and we do that outside too!
    I love to eat lunch outside on a blanket, even if it’s just in our yard. Easier to clean up and the kids get some sunshine and fresh air. We’ll usually read some stories outside too after lunch.
    Finally, we have a local park that has a real, working farm. We love to visit the baby animals, feed the ducks and peacocks and then hit the little splash park that is also there. Even though it’s all technically “man made” it’s so nice to be outside in the fresh air and the splash park is perfect for toddlers and babies.

  4. says

    That place looks beautiful. We have a place here or rather many places in 1 that we go to sometimes weekly in the summer and several times in the late fall and spring. We are very close to the Red River Gorge (Kentucky). You can look it up. There is something about walking among the rock formations and trees and everything else God created that just makes things right in the world. I look at the detail in the smallest pebble and leave reminded that if God put so much detail in such a place for something that doesn’t know Him, He must have an eye on me.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Mary Lou Shookhoff says

    Too many children today lead lives which are way too scripted! They may go to school and play a sort and then go to either music lessons or play on a second sorts team. Then when they final get home and eat dinner (which may or may not be with the rest of the family) they have homework to do until they go to sleep. On the weekend they may have more extended work on their sports teams and/or musical instrument. So unfortunately many of today’s children have little time playing with neighborhood children unless they (or their parents) have chosen the same activities for their children. No one plays badminton in their backyard or croquet in their front yard as I once did. 3 of us did have piano lessons but we more often played board and/or card games, often with our mother, on the dinner table.
    Now your children, Elizabeth have these joys and I’m not against sports although with the information that is coming out about football in particular, I would NEVER let my child play in that game. It was wonderful to see children out having fun the old fashioned way – with their family.

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