Giveaway in honor of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

To celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Ruth Tucker of Loreto Rosaries is offering this beautiful rosary and matching earrings. 

In order to be considered for the giveaway, visit Loreto Rosaries and look around. Come back here and tell us what you like. I'll announce the winner on July 16, Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

Olc rosary

Olmc earrings


The winner is Carmen, who said,

Our Lady of Lourdes rosary is my favorite. Lapis lazuli is the Chilean stone …had never seen a rosary made with them. Absolutely beautiful!!! Might be ordering the bracelet! :)
Beautiful pieces Elizabeth. And learning that the family came from Puerto Rico gives it an extra special touch! :)



  1. Cas says

    Everything is beautiful! I really like the St. Joseph and St. Benedict tenner, a perfect gift for my husband.

  2. Ileana says

    Everything there is beautiful so it’s hard to pick but I love the St. Anne necklace and the Our Lady of Good Counsel rosary.

  3. Kathleen Goris says

    Oh Ruth all of your creations are so beautiful. It is really hard to pick just one. I really like the Divine Mercy rosary and the one made with amethyst beads. Again it is so hard to choose just one.

  4. Lindsay K says

    Oh my, it’s too hard to choose “just one.” ;-) I think my favorites are the Mystical Rose, Sodalite, and Lilac rosaries. Beautiful work! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  5. Nicole says

    Everything is so beautiful! I especially love the Our Lady of Mount Carmel necklace and the Our Lady of Guadalupe rosary.

  6. Carmen says

    Our Lady of Lourdes rosary is my favorite. Lapis lazuli is the Chilean stone …had never seen a rosary made with them. Absolutely beautiful!!! Might be ordering the bracelet! :)
    Beautiful pieces Elizabeth. And learning that the family came from Puerto Rico gives it an extra special touch! :)

  7. Tiffany says

    Beautiful! Like that all the items are handmade in the USA. Happy to have this site to shop… always a gift giving occasion coming up.

  8. Kelly B. says

    The Girl’s First Holy Communion Rosary is beautiful. My sweet daughter will receive this sacrament next year and I would love to get one for her.

  9. MimiP says

    Oh my Ruth, they are all beautiful! I would love one of the women’s necklaces, my favorite bing the Our lady of Guadalupe. The Confirmation bracelet is beautiful as well.

  10. Kristin says

    I love the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel rosary pictured as I am planning to make Consecration on that feast day this year! Love all the little rosaries on her site too!

  11. Cristina Freyre says

    All so lovely! My favorite on the site is the Mother of Our Creator men’s rosary. Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, pray for us!

  12. Erin M. says

    I truly love the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Rosary. I am a Secular Discalced Carmelite so of course she is our patron. Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, pray for us!

  13. Tracy from TN says

    Elizabeth – did you announce the winner of the Prayer Shawl? I seemed to have missed that post.

  14. Andrea says

    The Queen of the Holy Family rosary is stunning. As a side note, I love the way that Ruth arranges the rosaries for photos. God Bless!

  15. Caitlin says

    Well goodness, I like everything! Even though it’s in the men’s rosary section, I love the St. Joseph rosary as I have a special affinity for him- my daughter was named after him (Josephine). :) I also love the St. Therese necklace- just so beautiful!

  16. Diane H. says

    It would be really difficult to choose just one! Each is truly a work of art. I do love the choice of natural “God created “stones.

  17. Gail says

    They’re all beautiful, and I could really use a beautiful rosary! I’ve lately been using a plastic glow in the dark one…
    I’m particularly drawn to the blue stones right now, so I think my favorite is the Sodalite rosary.

  18. Kate in NoVa says

    I have one of her St. Andrew’s chaplets and it is wonderful. I like the Miraculous Medal necklace too, though really everything she makes is gorgeous.

  19. Emily says

    I really love all of her rosary bracelets- the beads and colors are so beautiful! One of these days I’m just going to have to head over there and buy one in every color:)

  20. Cara says

    Everything in Loreto is lovely! I especially felt drawn to the beautiful tourquoise jasper rosary bracelet. Just a gorgeous color!

  21. Stacy says

    I LOVE Ruth’s creations! I have the small Miraculous Medal earrings, and I have also given them as Christmas gifts to my boys’ Godmothers. I just ordered the sodalite rosaries for a baptism gift for friends who just had twin girls. They are beautiful! I don’t think anyone could go wrong with anything they would get from Ruth!
    I am eyeing the St. Therese Rosary and the Our Lady of Lourdes Rosary, too! But then, I love her jewelry and the Our Lady of Mount Carmel earrings, too. :o)

  22. Kim F. says

    Everything is lovely! My daughter Carmella Marie is named for Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and was almost born on the feast. She will be 13 this July 14.
    If we were to get anything the Catholic charm bracelet is quite beautiful, stylish and even has lots of wonderful Sts. including Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Medal.
    Our Lady of Mount Carmel and of the scapular pray for all of us.
    Thanks Elizabeth for the fum possibilities:)

  23. says

    Everything is beautiful but I am drawn to the OL of Guadalupe turquoise necklace. My daughter was born the day before the feast of Guadalupe, December 11th and her birthstone is turquoise.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  24. says

    I love all those earrings! Our family has a huge love for our Lady of Mount Carmel and I’m actually hoping that our newest daughter (who’s name will be Maria!) will be born on the Feast of our Lady of Mount Carmel :-)

  25. franny vande says

    I love how all your products remind me of ‘antiques’. Truly beautiful and no doubt prayed over as you are making them! Also, Our daughter takes her 3 year vows on the Feast of OL of Mt Carmel! In Spain where she lives, they have a procession through the little town with a HUGE statue of OL of Mt Carmel! All the newly entered and professed take turns carrying her. It is so beautiful!

  26. Amanda L says

    All of the products are incredibly beautiful, although I must say that the St. Therese of the Little Flower rosary bracelet is my absolute favorite =)

  27. Laura says

    I love the Our Lady of Good Counsel Rosary, the Star of the Sea Rosary and also the St Therese necklace. Everything on the site is lovely. :)

  28. Stephanie says

    The turquoise Our Lady of Gaudalupe necklace is gorgeous, as is the Our Lady of the Sea rosary. Her shop is lovely! What a fantastic giveaway!!

  29. april mavros says

    I really like the Irish penal tenner. And the history of it is sad, but fascinating at the same time. Really, all of her pieces are beautifully made.

  30. Michelle says

    All very beautiful pieces. I love the creativity evident throughout the site especially with the earrings.
    The godmother of two of my boys is a Third Order Carmelite and would love the rosary and earrings.
    Ruth and Elizabeth, thank you both for your generosity.

  31. Kelly Favre says

    I love it all!! What a wonderful discovery. One of my fave’s is the Immaculate Conception necklace. Kelly F.

  32. Maureen Ronau says

    I love the St. Therese rosary (I know it’s sold out) as well as Our Lady of Sorrows. But truly all are beautiful, and I hope to do some Christmas shopping here.

  33. Barbie says

    Lovely work! I like the Star of the Sea rosary best. I like the giveaway one too, and the bracelets. But I wouldn’t be disappointed in a single thing on that website!

  34. Lisa H. says

    The St. Joseph Tenner is my favorite. What beautiful pieces and a generous gift for someone. Thank you!!

  35. says

    Oh, I love the Mount Carmel rosary for myself. But I have also been eyeballing the Saint Therese necklace for my mother’s birthday.I bought the Lady of Guadalupe tenner bracelet for my teenager for Christmas and it is lovely!

  36. Debbie says

    I like the Immaculate Conception necklace and the St. Joseph tenner. Everything is beautiful though! The prices are reasonable too. I’ll have to go back to the site when looking for gifts!

  37. Gemini Alexnder says

    Everything was so beautiful, especially the St. Anne necklace. I will keep this site in mind when Christmas shopping!!

  38. Mary Angerer says

    Everything is so lovely it is hard to make a choice. I, too, like the St. Therese necklace very much. I will have a goddaughter making her first Communion next Spring, so I will shop for her on the site. Our 53rd wedding anniversary is on the feast of our Lady of Mt. Carmel in July, and i would love to have the rosary!

  39. Silvia says

    I thought everything was absolutely gorgeous! I especially liked the Divine Mercy rosary. I added the website to my bookmarks, and plan on shopping there soon!

  40. Caitlin says

    I love the st Therese necklace and the miraculous medal earrings… But will also probably have to buy the Irish rosary for my mother in law:)

  41. Dollia says

    I have a special devotion to Our Lady of Good Counsel as a homeschooler and a member of Military Council of Catholic Women, so I’d choose that beautiful rosary.

  42. Maggie says

    I ordered the bracelet of Our Lady, Undoer of Knots…been comforted by this devotion for more than a year when our daughter’s Youth minister sent us parents a link and asked for us to pray for our children on their retreat. I did not realize that Pope Francis also loved this devotion to Our Lady!

  43. Tammy says

    That’s some beautiful work! I love all the jasper ones, jasper is one of my favorite stones. But I really love the amethyst and St. Therese bracelets.

  44. jen says

    I am making my first consecration to Jesus through Mary on the feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel! The rosary is beautiful! Thanks so much for all you share through your blog. You are so inspiring and REAL. Your blog has been a gift to me since I started homeschooling four years ago. And we are one of those “suburban” families (with six kids so far) that do theater, dance, travel soccer, girls’ choir and a husband who works in Detroit trying to get Christ-centered health care to the uninsured, so no country living for us, either. Oh, my oldest daughter volunteers for a charity a friend started called Mary’s Mantle, whose mission sounds very similar to Mary’s Shelter. Honestly, I wish I could just sit and have a cup of tea with you! God bless you.

  45. Tabitha says

    I love the Mt. Carmel Rosary (and earrrings) first it is beautiful second my daughter (Joselin Summer) was born and passed July 16,2009 third my parish is Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. My favorite part of the site is very hard to narrow down :)(St Gerard bracelet is very nice though) I also love that you and your family, Ruth donate to Mary’s shelter–that is awesome!

  46. Barbara says

    Everything is beautiful! I’m drawn to the Star of the Sea rosary and the St. Andrew chaplet, but would love the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel rosary and earrings, as that is a special feast day for me.

  47. Karen says

    very hard to choose – so many beautiful creations. The Chaplets were especially lovely, I think. But then, so were the earrings…. Well, I think the Catholic charm bracelet was my favorite!

  48. Taryn says

    Everything is beautiful. I especially love the miraculous medal earrings. I actually love all the earrings:)

  49. MAUREEN says

    I’ve ordered from Loretto and shared her website w/friends who’ve ordered as well. Perfect 1st communion gifts.

  50. Jacqueline says

    Beautiful designs! I especially like the earrings and the St. Therese necklace. I will be sharing this website with others!

  51. Ona says

    What beautiful things here! I love so many of the designs but I’m really liking the “Mary, Untirer of Knots Bracelet”…so meaningful!

  52. Cindy says

    Normally I’m drawn to Ruth’s women’s jewelry, but took a gander at the men’s line – I’m really liking the St. Christopher necklace for a certain Chris that I know. :)

  53. Elizabeth says

    The Our Lady of Mount Carmel rosary and I loved the St. Anne pearl necklace and the Immaculate Conception necklace is beautiful! Wow!

  54. says

    All the items are so beautiful. I especially like this particular rosary and earrings, though, because of the beautiful earth tones. What a wonderful giveaway.

  55. Kim D. in WI says

    I love her beautiful work! My favorite is the small Miraculous Medal earrings…I dream of them frequently! :) I would also love to someday get the St. Therese jewelry for my daughter who love the Little Flower so much. Many thanks!

  56. Gail says

    Ruth’s creations are so unique and lovely. I’m drawn to the Mystical Rose rosary and the Saint Theresa of the Little Flower Rosary bracelet.

  57. says

    I like that you donate some profit to Mary’s Shelter. I also like Mount Carmel. I stayed there for a week once with the nuns in the little cottage next to the convent.

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