It’s Not About You (or maybe it is)…


…just not in the way previously thought. You knew it was coming didn't you, after yesterday? I was bound to write my annual "please stop whining about your kids" essay. I actually wrote it a couple of weeks ago. It just seems more improtant in light of yesterday. Read on, please…



  1. jenn says

    Wise words. Such a gentle reminder of where our true focus should be. Thank you. Keeping your family and their dear friends in prayer.

  2. Claire says

    I am always thankful when you write posts reminding people to be more positive about their kids. I’m no pollyanna, and I do more than my fair share of complaining (especially at this time of the year, because the heat and humidity drive me crazy). But complaining about my son is something I rarely engage in. Worrying, yes. Complaining, no. Children are a huge blessing. I spent many years living alone, and I love my alone time, but I have no desire to send my son to summer camp, and I am in no rush for school to resume. These years go by way too quickly. Thank you for the reminder to enjoy the moments.

  3. says

    Beautiful!! Ironically, I’ve been feeling internally irritated that I keep getting interrupted from perusing homeschooling catalogs! Thanks for the lovely reminder.

  4. Marla Lynch says

    Sometimes I think that it’s not really pride going on with these things, at least for most people. Sometimes I think that people who really love their kids don’t really know what to do with them when they’re home. They honestly don’t know what to do. And then the kids and the parents start to drive each other a little nuts. Especially when the heat kicks in. I know that in the days before we started to homeschool, my kids had an extremely hard time getting along with each other — and with me — for the first 2 or 3 weeks. Then all would settle down. Maybe moms and dads just need a little encouragement sometimes, along with a few gentle suggestions — if they desire them — as to how to make the transition from school to summertime a bit smoother. God bless your 4th of July!

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