{This Moment}


(Photo credit: Zach, Patrick's roomate, who made me laugh until I cried yesterday. This is Patrick.

Worth a thousand words.)


  1. says

    Love this picture. I love that it was taken by a roommate who is more like family, the messy boys floor, the rosary hanging in the background, the pose–obviously! A boy can never go wrong with camo. And this boy knows his worth in Christ…awesome job mmomma!

  2. LisaR says

    love the “keepin it real” room too! when we skype with Joe he tries to keep very close so I don’t freak out about the room! ;)

  3. says

    Ha!!!!! How did I miss this?! I’m enjoying the background in addition to the clothing choices. ;) The messy bedroom with… is that a saint and a rosary hanging on the wall? Cute. College boys are so cute. :)

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