Towards Living the Liturgical Year at Home

Saint cake

Well, hey there! Typepad is up and so am I (it's a  minor miracle), so let's talk about the liturgical year. Liturgy anchors a family--it gives a place and a meaning-- to the passage of time. We are by nature a rhythmic people. We thrive when life is in rhythm and we chafe when everything is out of sync. Living a life of liturgy is living the rhythm of God in company with the whole Church. There's something very nurturing about a home where the liturgy underpins the daily round, the weekly worship, and the celebrations of the year. 

Leila and I spoke a little about liturgy this week as we discussed Chapter 4 of  The Little Oratory: A Beginner’s Guide to Praying in the Home, just enough to get the conversation started. I hope to share with you some conversations with other mothers, too, because this life of faith--while sharing common liturgy--looks very different in different families. So, please join the conversation! Chime in below and tell us how you live the liturgy at home.