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Are you feeling burned out, boxed in, and beat up? More than a little weary? Discouraged, distracted, and  little disappointed?

Me, too!

Let's restore together.

Nearly twenty years ago, I gave a talk entitled "Battling Back from Burnout. That talk took on a life of its own and became a chapter in my book, Real Learning: Education in the Heart of My Home.  "Battling Back From Burnout" has prompted much conversation over the years and it has generated innumerable letters and then email. Many things have changed since then; some have stayed the same. The internet has become a firmly fixed part of our lives in a way that wasn’t even an imagined possibility back when I had 4 children under eight. For all its good, it is also a formidable challenge in the battle against burnout. We need new ways of thinking about the boundaries we might need in our lives. This workshop is the comprehensive answer to all the emails and letters I have received over the years regarding that chapter.

This is the third--(and final?)-- year we will offer this workshop. You will find daily Quiet Time prompts for 54 days. Additionally, I've poured my heart into essays to help you make a spiritual and physical journey to restoration. One day a week is set aside to create with your hands. One of the favorite components is the hourlong podcasts with inspiring, encouraging women. 

We were joined in past years by women all over the world. Here is what our community had to say regarding their experience :

Restore is full of reminders that our walk as wives and moms is a commitment that requires thoughtful planning and much prayer. The essays in the workshop were my favorite part – like letters from a mentor who has been there before and said you can do this, just do the next thing as I make better and wiser choices along the way. – Stephanie

Restore reminded me to care for myself. It was check up for me. And it served as a needed reminder of why I do what I do, an audit of self if you will. Very much worth my time.- Melissa

Restore was a gift I needed before ever realizing I needed it. It has helped me to allow myself time to take care of my body and soul. The beautiful words of encouragement still come to mind often even after all these months. I can’t wait for the next one!- Julie

Restore was a great focus during Lent to re-ignite my joy for my vocation as a wife and mother. The workshop was a terrific balance with a prayerful focus, challenges to finding balance in the day-to-day and inserting new joys into each week with a creative outlet suggested. Definitely recommended if you are burn-out or just need a little sunshine inserted into your long winter days. - Kelly

Restore was some much needed light when my daily life was overwhelming and a little dark. I printed the posts and still refer back to the often during by morning prayer time. -Liz

When I signed up for Restore, I didn’t even feel like I was suffering burnout. I’m just starting in homeschooling, and my oldest (of going on four) is five. I considered Restore an investment in the future. I learned from Elizabeth and other moms further along the journey than I am, about how to protect myself from future burnout, and I have every Restore document printed out and waiting in a binder for the times that I need it. I recommend Restore to any mom, even those who feel like things are going pretty well, as an “early intervention” to help you learn how to protect your health, your sanity, and your spirit as you embark on doing the hard work of raising a family.- Arielle

Restore was just what I needed! I didn’t really realize that the burnout I was experiencing was an actual thing. I thought people said it when they were tired but I was beyond tired. I was exhausted in every possible way. At the beginning of 2014, I had five children under the age of nine and was feeling so overwhelmed with everything that needed to be done and that I wanted to do but did not have the energy reserves to accomplish (we own our own business and also home school). I was very ill between Christmas and New Year’s and then had a bout of mastitis in February. My body was depleted. Restore helped me give permission to myself to rest and take care of myself so that I could gain back the energy and positive outlook that I had lost, and also provided a community of women experiencing the same thing. I am beginning 2015 in a much better place! The darkness and cold of January has not been depressing this year (we live in Canada’s subarctic) and I find myself looking forward with hope and purpose to things that seemed daunting this time last year. – Jennifer V.

All of the above. Put God back at the centre of my life…. has helped me so much over the year. Will be doing it again as I need a reminder. – Rebecca

In a nutshell, I felt Restore gave me the tools to not only restore myself but ideas to restore and uplift my family and those that God puts in my path. Let us all help Restore those around us in 2016! There are many hurting people around us who could really benefit from all that Elizabeth has taught us here at Restore Workshop! Thank you so much Elizabeth and team for putting so much of yourselves into this workshop. Looking forward to joining you again. God Bless! - Jennifer Z.

Restore helped me to focus in, for just a few minutes a day in this crazy-busy life, on what really matters. Continuing out of the workshop, it gave me the tools to make this a habit. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to take this journey with Elizabeth and other members of the Restore community. - Lara

Restore helped me gain composure in the midst of compounding daily struggles. It was such a blessing to feel lifted up daily in the midst of a caring community! - Faith

There is a local mom’s retreat at a monastery that I have been going to every year for about 6 years now. Last year, I wasn’t able to make it, but was in desperate need of it. Then Restore came along a couple of weeks later. I signed up and and it was just what I needed. The insight and encouragement to connect with God, nurture myself, and tend to my creative side helped me to get through a very tough time and be a better mom. I will probably not get to go my local retreat again this year so I will do Restore again, but even if I did go to the local retreat I would do Restore. Oh! and I made a friend halfway around the world which has been such a blessing! Thank you Elizabeth and Joy for all of your hard work!-  Jennifer M. 

What is the Restore Workshop?

The Restore Workshop is a seven and a half week online course geared towards adult women who have struggled or are struggling with or want to avoid burnout. It is for any woman who wants to nurture joy within her life and the lives of those around her. 

What content can I expect?

Each week is full to the brim with helps and tools.  There is a daily quiet time encouragement each day of the workshop, seven days a week. Each week has one podcast with writers and mothers who have struggled with burnout themselves. Elizabeth shares at least three in-depth essays per week, exploring the tools we must use to restore ourselves to His vision of us. Also included in each week’s content is a tutorial for creating something related to the topic of the week, something to lift your spirits and invite beauty into your lives. Along the way, we hope you will be delighted by special gifts from our hearts to yours, like a place to journal and beautiful quote and verse printables to print out and hang. Perhaps most importantly, you will have a chance to converse and talk with your fellow participants, and with Elizabeth throughout the course, in a private, encouraging, and restful place, learning from and sharing your journey with others. 

How long does the course run?

The course runs for seven and a half weeks, beginning Wednesday, February 10th (Ash Wednesday) and ending Saturday, April 2nd. The material will remain on the site for 45 additional days so that participants can print off and/or save the content for their own personal use. 

This year, workshop participants will also receive a complete, full-color ebook that includes all of the Quiet Time prompts and the essays in a format that can be read easily on your phone or e-reader. Also, we'll provide you with printable transcripts of all the podcasts.

Do I have to be a person of Elizabeth’s faith to join this workshop?

No. While Elizabeth is Catholic and shares from her own tradition, this workshop is written for women of all faiths and denominations. Her contributors come from across the communities of faith, joined together in grace and sisterhood. In conversations within the community, we ask that love, grace, and charity guide our speech with one another, and find our grounding in faith within the guidance of the Nicene Creed. 

How much does the workshop cost?

Because we have simplified the delivery method this year, we are able to offer the entire workshop for $49--a price that is $16 less than last year! The Workshop Option includes the following:

·Exclusive access to the daily workshop community to guide you through every day of Lent and access to the author for encouragement, allowing you ample opportunity to discuss the content of the essays in a private space with other participants and Elizabeth. Each day is a  retreat-like experience.

  • The beautiful full-color ebook Talking Together About Restoration: A full-length guidebook for wholehearted healing of mind, body and soul. We'll take our time exploring issues such as (but not limited to) prayer, sleep, exercise and outdoors, creativity, friendships, marriage, and household management in the restoration of women who are feeling burned out and in preventing burnout. 

  • Another beautiful ebook, Quiet Time for Lent: One-page daily devotions from Ash Wednesday through Easter Saturday to incline your days towards Him who restore.

  • Downloadable podcasts with:
    • Sarah Mackenzie
    • Danielle Bean
    • Colleen Mitchell
    • Ginny Sheller
    • Aimee Kollmansberger
    • Anne Bogel
    • Ann Voskamp
  • Printable transcripts of all the podcasts
  • Full color tutorials for these ways to connect your heart with your hands:
    • Healing Salve and Bath Salts
    • Flannel Cozies
    • Sweatproof headbands to sew (and a no sew version)
    • Knitted washcloths and crocheted washcloths
    • Beautiful (really!) reusable kitchen cloths
    • Embellished hand towels (and a quick version for mamas with babies)
    • Pretty vases for your Easter table (and beyond)
    • Fabric-covered prayer journals
  • Printables with quotes and prayers, organizing templates for your home and your life, and lockscreen reminders for your phone.
  • Continuing community after the workshop ends in a private Facebook group. 

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If the full workshop is not in your price range, you might consider our bargain bundle option. For $15, you will receive:

·      Talking Together About Restoration: A full-length guidebook for wholehearted healing of mind, body and soul.

·      Quiet Time for Lent: One-page daily devotions from Ash Wednesday through Easter Saturday to incline your days towards Him who restores

  • Two downloadable, truly inspirational hourlong podcasts

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Still not sure? Here is a video we recorded for you the first time we ran the workshop. It's a little peek inside the heart of what was created here.