A Stack of Gold for Epiphany

Not all of our books are pictured in this stack. I ordered some just this morning. The good thing about Christmas as a season? Amazon is much less busy on the january side of the season. It's not too late!

Not all of our books are pictured in this stack. I ordered some just this morning. The good thing about Christmas as a season? Amazon is much less busy on the january side of the season. It's not too late!

We have a long held family tradition to set the table for breakfast on on January 6th with a big stack of gold in the middle. Treasures brought from afar, riches for my babes.

Books, of course.

Every year, for Epiphany, I wrap one book per child--one carefully chosen, well considered book--and layer them one atop the other to get my golden pile. How to tell you about this year's pile without giving away any secrets?  Well, first of all, I don't think my kids remember I have a blog;-). Secondly, the Amazon box came and someone who shall remain nameless promptly opened it and looked inside anyway. She's one of two who might perchance read this post. So, I think I'll just put it up there and count on none of them to read it. 

Michael's book will wait for a visit here from California the weekend following Epiphany. Seems like a good one for a boy on the brink of big things in California. 

Kristin (who might just read this post--sorry, K) will receive The Nesting Place. I've had this book for some time, but just got around to reading it over the Christmas break. I loved it! Her philosophy of home and decorating and, really, life in general is so refreshing. I come from a place where decorating and housekeeping needed to be perfect (or very close) and this book was a breath of fresh air. The reason I love it for Kristin is the author moved A LOT and she also rented A LOT. Kristin is entering a season of both renting and moving and I think she'll enjoy the wisdom here. 

Christian's book is being sent to him at school. He went back early to work on his movie. At last count though, he'd seen the new Star Wars movie four times. He's going to appreciate every nuance in this book.

For Patrick, I'm adding to his personal C. S. Lewis library. He requested his own copy of Mere Christianity (these new editions are so pretty) early last semester and then came home from college and pulled Confessions of St. Augustine off the shelf. I think everyone should have a copy of The Great Divorce to sit next to Mere Christianity and be revisited throughout adulthood. 

Mary Beth has a whole stack of Marisa de los Santos books waiting for her. I loved these books during 2015 and I really want her to read them. Her school reading load has been so intense, that those books might linger on the nightstand a while longer. I couldn't go without giving though, so, at Anne Bogel's recommendation,  I ordered Astonish Me

Stephen is likely just as big a Stars Wars geek as Christian, so, for him I wrapped up this gem

Nicholas is a big Rick Riordan fan (and his mom is, too) . This nice, thick novel should take him--us;-)-- through winter. 

Katie has been enjoying the recent adult coloring books craze, so I got her this one to use for her quiet time while we eagerly await the release of this book. It's a journaling Bible with with over 400 beautiful line-art illustrations spread throughout the Bible. I'm so excited about the chance to color and to ponder and write inside the pages of the Bible. I know that this is a good way to get her in the habit of journaling in the margins. These books (I ordered two) can't get here soon enough! 

Karoline has three books going. That's my girl! She's listening to The Saturdays with Sarah and they are both loving it. I will admit that when they ask to have their own Saturday adventures and say, walk to the town center by themselves, I shudder a little. Life int he suburbs has changed since the Melendy four were little. Incidentally, though I've often heard that The Saturdays was not to be missed, I never read it until I heard it was a childhood favorite of Marisa de lost Santos. I might have an author crush on Marisa.  Kari is also reading both the first Harry Potter and the fourth Penderwicks  (again). I know it's just a matter of moments until they've finished The Saturdays, so I got her the next book in the Melendy Quartet. She'll be pleased, for sure. 

It dawned on me this morning that this stack used to be all picture books and now, there are just a couple picture books in a stack of big people books. For Sarah, who dearly loves Jan Brett (and will no doubt read Karoline's chapter book, too), I got The Turnip. Because, you know, I just wanted to buy a picture book for my baby. She will be a fan; I'm certain of that. 

And finally, Lucy--who received a giant stack of picture books for Christmas--will get this awesome Montessori counting book. Sarah was excited to see it in the house because I'm told they have it at Mrs. Carmen's school. Anything in that school is a good thing:-).

So, all wrapped up and shining like gold, these are our treasure for Epiphany this year. It's not too late. It's still Christmas! Maybe a new tradition happens in your house, too?

(Lots and lots more book ideas here. Lots.)