a sweet little summer sewing session or two for you

Kristin has been an enabler --ahem-- encourager this week when it comes to sewing. She's on some kind of inspired tear, whipping up absolutely adorable baby jumpers at lightning fast speed. She inspired me to buy this pattern bundle so we'd have Geranium dresses and tops in every size. I haven't sewn a stitch yet:-). So, Kristin is sharing her stuff with you this week:

I fell off the sewing wagon. Not regretful. Sewing is a hobby that doesn’t really do much for me, except spend extra money with pattern and fabric purchases. Not very often do I come across a trustworthy pattern and fabric without coughing up extra cash. My sewing skills do make small tailoring jobs, like hemming and mending maintainable without paying a tailor, so that's definitely a plus to this hobby. And I'm 5 feet tall. I do a lot of hemming on my Singer. But when I come across a great free pattern, I have to jump at the opportunity. Sorbetto2

The Sorbetto pattern is FREE from Colette Patterns and very, very easy to sew. I've been sewing sweet little things for my sweet little baby recently. Stitching together baby dresses is my favorite way to spend a rainy summer afternoon. Once you start sewing little dresses, why on earth would you sit through the cutting and bored-to-tears seams of a full scale, adult pattern?

Well because it’s for you, of course. You need nice, handmade things too, ya know. And after you try the Sorbetto pattern, this book from Colette is full of other easy and quick patterns for you.

Sorbetto3 {Please excuse the bathroom selfie. My camera guy was at his day job.} The Sorbetto is a really versatile pattern. There’s room for a pleat and I inverted it here which created a roomy waistline. Who doesn’t enjoy a roomy waistline? But I will warn you. That pleat, although forgiving in theory, makes for a very specific drape. A good medium weight, with a nice drape will do. Otherwise a lighter fabric, sewn this way, will make this top a tent. Now, onto this book... SewingBook Do you ever come across a sewing pattern who talks way too fast? You read the directions twice in your heard, twice out loud and you're still staring at a half-sewn blouse thinking, wait.. what did you just tell me to do? This book has all of the answers. All of them. It's like the encyclopedia of sewing. For me, this book has saved raglan sleeves and dart adjustments. It even has a reference section for types of fabric and thread. For anyone who wants to learn, it has projects in the back specifically designed for teaching techniques. Just by chance, I've been sewing more than I usually do so Elizabeth has offered a spot for me here at Needle & ThREAD. I'm so overjoyed to be here and I can't wait to share more with you! I'll be checking back, and I'd love to know more about your summer sewing projects.