All Saints Celebration Giveaway!

All Saints Day might be my favorite feast. Four hours before midnight, six years ago, I sort ofargued with a doctor. "Please can we just wait four hours? I'm not a huge fan of Halloween and I really do love All Saints Day..."

"No; you will die."

Well all right then. Halloween baby it is. But still, it was the vigil of All Saints, right?  Sarah's story is my All Saints Story forever.

From the very beginning, Sarah's favorite toys ever have been the hand-painted figurines that are the art and heart of Garry Brix. He and his wife Amy have blessed our family beyond measure. Even now, surrounded by pricey 18 inch dolls and more baby doll paraphernalia than a Toys R Us, my little girls choose these every single day. They've even graced her birthday cakes.

Last spring, when all was dark, and we were awaiting our family's most extraordinary light, Garry took time from his busy Easter basket season to create a gift for Michael that will forever be treasured. Nestled in the diapers and wipes of Lucy's first basket, even before she was born, was her namesake, Shawn--a sweet celebration of Shawn's finest victory. I happen to think it's Garry's finest work!


This has been a year filled with death for our family. It's extraordinary really, how the waves of grief have just kept crashing. This day--the celebration of hope and affirmation of the great cloud of witnesses--this is the sweetness of faith!

In honor of all the saints, Garry is giving away the Prophet Isaiah this week. Here's a tip: these dolls make really good stocking stuffers but they are also carefully crafted works of art. So don't wait to order one. Go to St. Luke's brush and look around today. Garry stops taking orders right around Thanksgiving, to allow time to create. While you're looking, come back here and tell us what you loved. You'll be entered to win Prophet Isaiah, perfect for standing sentinel at the base of your Jesse tree this year. Order before November 5 and use the code FALLSALE at checkout to get 10% of your order. Do this now. You will have perfectly lovely stocking stuffers that will become treasured heirlooms and you will begun thoughtful Christmas shopping well in advance. Go you!