Comfort & Joy

I've gathered all my Advent memories, detailed the unfolding of three decades of traditions, organized the gift lists, curated the recipes. I've passed the best of the best of my family's Advent and Christmas into the gifted hands of my first son's wife.

She made them into a beautiful book.

This volume is pretty much a Christmas-dream-come true. 

I hope you'll take it into your home, spend some quiet morning hours with, and let it bless you. Inside, you will find a short morning devotion for every day from Thanksgiving to New Year's Eve--just a quick one page Think-Pray-Act. Then, there is an essay for further pondering, something I hope will inspire you. Sometimes, you'll find something to do with your hands or cook in your kitchen. Sometimes, I remind you to slow down and snuggle a small person. There's encouragement here, and acknowledgement that this season isn't all bon-bons and twinkle lights.

I even made a 45 minute podcast, so I can offer some tips on pouring grace for yourself. You can listen while you scrub bathrooms or bake cookies or drive to rehearsal. 

There is tangible support.

Please invite us into your celebration.

From now until November 30, the bundle--Ebook, printable Joy Journal, and podcast--are available to you for only $9. With your purchase, you can elect to be added to a closed Facebook group for further community as you prepare this season. 

I hope you'll walk with us to Christmas!

Take advantage of pre-December pricing here.