-I'm listening to 

All the different versions of songs from the Wizard of Oz. I'm choreographing the youngest group of competitors this year at our dance studio and thinking about doing a Wizard of Oz theme. We'll see.  

-I'm wearing 

A pink tank top and jean shorts. 


-This week my top to-do is

Ehhh, I should probably clean my room. The only issue with cleaning my room is every time I start, I end up getting distracted by anything and everything that I come across. "Wow, I haven't seen this shirt in forever." "Wow, I haven't seen the floor in forever." ;)

-I'm currently reading

I'm trying to read the last Divergent book but, it's so incredibly boring. I really enjoyed the first one and the second one was boring, but I got through it. This one though, I don't know...

I also recently read The Fault in Our Stars. I really liked this book but I know a lot of people were heartbroken at the end because *spoiler alert* one of the main characters dies. I tend to like a plot line that is more realistic and not so "happily ever after" all the time. My family teases that the main reason I liked Frozen was because Hans turned out to be the bad guy even after Anna fell head over heals and sang a duet about love with him. Sure, the book still pulled at some heartstrings for me but I loved that it seemed real. No one got miraculously cured from cancer, because a lot of the time that's not what happens. 

-I'm thinking about

My schedule this fall. I'm excited for every single activity and job I'm undertaking. It's going to take a lot of discipline and motivation to stay on track but I think I'm ready. While balancing academics I'm also going to be teaching at the montessori school in the neighborhood, I'm going to be a teen mentor and coordinator for youth group, and I'll be teaching dance as well as dancing myself. 


-I'm praying about

A close friend in the face of personal trial.  

-Quote I'm thinking about recently 

One of my best friends left for college last week. Her promise to the four other girls in our close friend group was to text us every day with a quote. This was the first one she sent. 

"How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard." -Winnie the Pooh

-This week I learned

Just how blessed I am to be living the life I am. That sentence probably sounds so cliche but really, I couldn't be any more happy than I am right now with who I am. When you're young, you grow up with this sense of the world that is very innocent. Everyone has a happy family, with a mom and a dad who love each other, siblings who are supportive, friends who help you through life. Then when you grow up, you start to realize more and more that your perfect perception on life isn't all that accurate. I thank God every day for the opportunity to be living a life that isn't always perfect, but is pretty darn close. If you feel as lucky as I do, I ask that you pray for those who aren't living in this kind of a situation.   


-I'm thankful for

My youth group. The group of kids I've grown so close to the past 4 years has helped me through so much and taught me so much. 

-I love it when

I hit every green light on the way to drop Nick off at soccer practice. Hey, it's the little things. 

-With the rest of this week I'm going to

Friday there's a big football game to attend. Saturday a full day of soccer-ing. And Sunday--Monday I'm going with some friends to the river, soaking up the last bit of summer. 

-iPhone pictures this week

iPhone photo dump this week includes a mirror selfie with Lucy Shawn while her Mom and Dad were on a dinner date, a picture of me fixing Sarah Annie's arabesque snapped by a dance mom through the window, a picture of the girls warming up to start their solos this year, and candids from the day Sarah left for college.