Gathering my Thoughts

Outside my window: The air conditioner in the car sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. And, sometimes, that's a real drag. But other times, we all learn how heavy the honeysuckle scent is in the air every evening in late May and early June. And if by chance, we're driving just after those frequent thunderstorms? Downright intoxicating.


Listening to: barista noises and jazz.


Clothing myself in: This new nail polish. I've never been much into nail polish, but since I can't get the scale to budge, I figured I'd let my nails grow. Nail polish is pretty toxic stuff, but this, maybe not so much?

Talking with my children about these books:  Sarah has this pile in a basket by her bed this week. We're making sure we get in our Three Books at Bedtime. She's definitely super interested in all things science right now and since we're all about planting these days, we're spending the next couple of weeks reading about flowers and gardens. So, this week, it's a flower theme:

Miss Rumphius

Sunflower Sal (Prairie Paperback Books)

Dancers in the Garden

Camille and the Sunflowers

Jack's Garden

Planting a Rainbow

Waiting for Wings

Sunflower House

Where Butterflies Grow (Picture Puffins)

The Reason for a Flower: A Book About Flowers

In my own reading: friend of mine sent me Anatomy of a Soul. I promised I'd read it. I'll get back to you on this one.

Thinking: Has social media become more unfriendly, or is it just me? Last week, it felt like every time I turned around someone wanted to argue. At one point, on Twitter (where it's ridiculously easy to be misunderstood), I protested that I didn't want to argue. She responded with, "If you don't want to argue, then don't engage." OK, then.

I don't want to argue. I really, really don't. I am so not the arguing type, even in person. I do not like conflict. Not one bit. 

Also, I find that when things like this happen online, I'm pretty good at clicking my computer closed and walking away, but then they must live in my brain because I find myself snapping at the real life people around me who have no idea why I'm cranky. Not a good thing.


Pondering: Psalm 52, Go visit Cari and see what a beautiful, free printable Kristin has made so that we can all spend the summer in the psalms. Really. Free. For you! It's gorgeous.


Carefully Cultivating Rhythm: The New Summer Schedule had a rocky start, but I sat everyone down on Thursday and really explained all the reasons it absolutely has to work. They were receptive. And I think it is honestly going to be a very good thing. We'll see how well we do when it's challenged by summer's comings and goings, but I'm very optimistic. 

Creating By Hand:  Finished the first sundress! Hooray! This week, I'm going to work on a belated birthday gift and do one more dress for Sarah before moving on to some long-awaited quilts. Oh, and this arrived Saturday. So, I might have to make it into something for me before the weekend.


Learning lessons In: Reaching out, creating community, both online and in person. 



Encouraging learning in: Spelling. I have a child who is old enough to be spelling well, but still is not. We are spending the summer working through as much of this program as we can. I have the old-fashioned, black and white version of this program. So far, my student is very receptive and, I think the word is "grateful." I think what we all want is for someone to notice our struggle and come alongside and sit awhile to help make the load lighter. When I linked for you, I looked briefly at the DVD version. I think I'll pass. As much as spelling is the issue, time with me is, too. So, side-by -side you'll find us, at 9AM Monday through Friday, for as long as it takes.


Keeping house: Every day, I list the chores that need attention that day. This is a definite change from the previous chore schedule type arrangement. So far, I think it's effective. 


Crafting in the kitchen: OK, so my lofty Whole 30 plans have been amended. I just can't eat that much animal protein. Just can't. I'm tweaking and revisiting Joel Fuhrman and reading the vegetarian section in Whole 30, because, in the end, it's about listening to one's body. My body tells me things on no uncertain terms. But it's exceptionally whiny;-). I try to listen, obey, and not whine back. 


To be fit and happy: Still no Fitbit. But, I'm working on reclaiming that morning habit. I want to get back to this place, because I know it's what I need to do. The more I move, the better. Just pushing past the inertia for now...


Giving thanks: For a really encouraging phone call with a new friend last week. I'm feeling like I can make some things happen in this space now. That's a new feeling that I kind of like a lot. 


Loving the moments: I didn't really love this moment. Actually, I kind of cried through it. But I know that when I look back on it, I will see that a legacy of love was at work. When you're the goalkeeper, there are times when you're the hero. And then there are other times. The memory of this year's State Cup final will hurt Nick for a very long time. When the game was over and he had to stand to get the runner-up medal and then to applaud the victors (who might have been taunting him), his siblings pressed into the spaces around him. Sometimes a strong arm around you steadies you in the moment when your own knees go weak at the shock and horror of a very bad 14-year-old day.  When the memory of this loss breaks his heart again in the years to come, I hope Nick will remember that he wasn't alone and there was an arm firmly around his shoulders. 

Living the Liturgy: So, I think you like the reprise of Lord, Hear Our Prayer. Yay! You keep praying my summer schedule works and I'll keep those coming every Saturday morning, so you have them for your weekend intentions. Deal?

Planning for the week ahead: More steady, ordinary days. The spring was brutal. These few weeks of every day being pretty much the same before we launch into summer comings and goings? They are just magical.

All photos kindness of Kristin Foss