God poured some of His goodness and love into me


“Once I surrender the tinsel to have the jewel, then I enter into the mystery of love. I see that I do not love anyone unless he has some goodness in him, or is lovable in some way. But, I see also that God did not love me because I am lovable. I became lovable because God poured some of His goodness and love into me. I then began to apply this charity to my neighbor. If I do not find him lovable, I have to put love into him as God puts love into me, and thereby I provoke the response of love. Now, my personality is restored and I make the great discovery that no one is happy until he loves both God and neighbor.” Archbishop Fulton Sheen 



Who is my neighbor today, Jesus? Into whom should I pour love? Show me. Provoke in me the response of love.



Deliver a latte and some cookies to someone today. If you can bring children along, all the better.