Here, Now


Acts of faith are expressed in two ways.  The first is our willingness to jump into the darkness, that is, choosing to trust in God’s guidance as we venture into the unknown.  The second is our willingness to sit in the darkness, which is continuing to do God’s will when our emotional resources are depleted and life seems hollow, meaningless and absurd.  . . .

These are the worst times in our life of faith when viewed from a psychological and emotional perspective.  But from a spiritual vantage point, they are potentially the best of times.  For when we continue to do God’s will without emotional support, our love for God and neighbor grows and is purified. --Marc Foley, The Context of Holiness



God, I choose to sit with You. I trust that You are here, now, in whatever darkness I find myself.



Here's where the practice of gratitude is really helpful. Make a list of five times in your life when you felt alone, without emotional support. Now, note how you grew. Note the blessings that came with reliance on God and obedience to His will.