Do you ever wish the world would stop spinning just for a couple of days so you could catch up? Do you wish the calendar would magically clear of every outside obligation and the world would be enveloped in a quiet hush? Do you wish you could just find some time and space to be still and know God? And then to revel in all things hearth and home?

I live in the suburbs of the most intense city on earth. And that intensity spills out into every facet of life. We have intense athletic programs, intense academic programs, even intense grocery stores. This place I call home is peopled by Type-A-to-the-Extremists and they are raising more Type-A-to-the-Extremists. Sometimes the pace is so dizzying I can't breathe.

And then God intervenes.

Enough! He cries. Enough talk, enough manipulation, enough with your misguided notion of power over life and health and welfare.

Be still.

He breathes a blessing of pure white.

We are quieted.

We are awed.

We are  humbled.

We are called to prayer.