I want to be all in for God


My God, I choose all. I do not want to be a saint by halves. I am not afraid to suffer for you. I fear only one thing--that I should keep my own will. So take it, for I choose all that you will.

--St. Therese


It's such a hard prayer to pray sometimes, Jesus: the one the that says, "I'm not afraid to suffer for you." Give me the courage to pray it and the grace to suffer well, in the small, daily trials and the big, scary tribulations. Let me be a saint with every breath. Let me be all in for you.


In the everyday clamor and chaos--whether the frustrating child or the incessant dinging of your inbox--know that you are given graces aplenty for your vocation. Ask for them! Then, embrace the struggle and remind yourself that, really, this life is not a bad way to suffer at all.