Opening myself to His presence.


When we are disheartened and feel desolate, we must present our needs to God, convinced that God will answer us according to our needs. We can say to God, "It is enough for me to present myself to you as I am. You will provide for my miseries and necessities as You see fit." While God never gives us an excess of our self-centered wants, God never fails to supply what is necessary for our well-being if we are open to God' presence in our life. -St. Francis de Sales


Today, Lord, I'm standing in front of you, as bare as Eve in the garden. I see all my miseries so clearly and I see my wants as well. You know--so much better than I do--where my needs end and my self-centered wants begin. Sift those for me, God, and infuse me for true gratitude as I become aware of how You meet all my true needs. 


Take a walk in the changing season today. Notice the details. He's attended to every leaf, every bud-becoming-a-flower, every bird gathering for its nest. god really is detail-oriented. Our time in nature, noticing the littlest of things, can bring about a peace in our lives, even where there are big, huge things we hesitate to entrust to God. Turn your face to the sun; trust god with all your miseries and necessities.