It's Time to Get Out in the Dirt

It really is time to get after that garden again.  Every year, I have grand plans that seem to wilt in the heat and humidity of Virginia summers. We had beautiful, productive gardens in our last two yards, but this particular plot of land is rather unyielding despite my  feeble efforts.  Or maybe it's because of my feeble efforts and huge gaps in my gardening knowledge.  I dunno.  This year Christian, who is nearly 14, is bursting with garden and landscaping ideas.  And when Christian gets a bee in his bonnet, he is persistence personified.  This time, that could be a good thing, especially considering he is big and strong. Strength and persistence.  Good gardening virtues, I think.  Maybe he'll keep me going. We're going to begin with this treasure of a tip, unearthed in Lissa's Bonny Glen.  She doesn't live too far from me.  If it works with her Virginia dirt, it will work with mine, right? In the meantime, as if to hold me accountable for all my springtime plans and promises, my children have begun Blossoms and Bees, an online nature journal.  You can track our progress and our pitfalls there.