Blog no more?

My daughter reminded me last night that I had not blogged here or on Kitchen Comforts since "way back in April."  So, have I given up blogging so soon into the adventure? No, but I have learned that I can't keep up the pace of reading and writing inspired by my first foray into blogdom. 

It's been a rough week here--a real week.  There have been real challenges and real chores and real arguments and real work and real learning.  Nothing earth-shattering, just the important everyday things that call us to our knees and remind us that we can't do this holy thing by ourselves. There has been plenty of time to think, as I go about my daily round, trying to right the wrongs and smooth the edges, but precious little time to write. That's okay, after years and years of writing for publication, I've learned that when God wants me to be read, He provides the time to write.  So, that's the writing rhythm of this blog--all in His time.