What is it?

What does it do?  This was Katie's first glimpse of a sewing machine.She really had no idea what it was or what it did!

Food_pictures_027 Early yesterday morning, inspired by this darling dress on Shel's Needleworks, I decided to try again to learn to sew.  First, I had to find the sewing machine, a gift from my husband on our first anniversary (I had grand sewing plans back then).  That took us about twenty minutes.  After unearthing it from its basement hiding place, we dusted it.  I quickly found the manual and we discovered that it does indeed work! Mary Beth and I took a few practice runs on some scrap fabric, fixed a maternity top, and agreed to go to the fabric store this week. Oh, and we might need to move our Mary Altar; it sits atop my mother's sewing machine cabinet.  I thought the furniture made a lovely table but perhaps I should actually use it for its intended purpose.  It wouldn't take me so long to find the sewing machine.