I'm out the door!

Literally, I am out the door to a midwife's appointment.  But, figuratively, I am out of doors all the time with my kids.  Nature study is still happening around here, in some form or fashion, every day.  One of my biggest inspirations and greatest mentors in this regard is Theresa  at Lapaz Farm Home Learning.  Please don't miss her post today on the rhythm of nature study. Get a cup of tea before you start and follow all the links; it's better than the best science talk at a homeschooling conference.  Theresa has a gift for living nature's rhythms with her children the same way so many of us live the liturgical year.  And why not do both?  God is so obvious in nature and children who love nature have a beautiful appreciation for the wonder of the Creator! Read it and you, too, will be out the door!