Tony, Tony, please come 'round!

My mother is notorious for her devotion to St. Anthony.  She has a direct line and must call upon him at least once a day. She's always needing him to help her find things--it's a 24/7 job. Apparently, it's a devotion that my eldest son is destined to share.  Recently, within the space of 18 hours, he lost both sets of keys to the car.  It was a holiday weekend and no one could help us until Tuesday.  Then, we'd have to tow the car and to spend a couple hundred dollars cutting new keys (something about a computer chip).We looked and looked and looked. My younger children took up the chant:

Tony, Tony, please come 'round.  Something's lost and can't be found!

And I took the matter to the prayer board at the 4real forums and asked them to discuss it with St. Anthony.  We found the keys in the freezer in the garage.  Of course! Why didn't we look there first?  Today is the Feast of St. Anthony and I know at least two people who will celebrate this patron of lost things wholeheartedly!