Poetry Friday--Emily Dickinson

Our trip down the garden trail led us to the "yellow house across the road."  There lived Emily, a reclusive poet and a gardener.  One day, Emily sent a gift of bluebells along with a request to the woman across the street.  She requested that the lady, a gifted pianist, come play for her.  The lady complied and brought her little girl along.  Of course little girls don't always play by grown up rules and this one wandered off to find the recluse and offer her a gift of lily bulbs.  In turn, Emily offered her a hand-scratched scrap of paper:

Who has not found the Heaven--below--

Will fail to find of it above--

For Angels rent the House next ours,

Wherever we remove--



Of course, this book led us to our bookshelves, where we found Poetry For Young People: Emily Dickinson and further acquainted ourselves with the mysterious lady in the yellow house and her words.