Rain at Last!

Last night, after weeks of being teased with forecasts of thunderstorms that never happened, it finally rained.  And it really rained!  For about four hours, we had constant thunder and lightning and torrential downpours. Three inches of rain were reported at the airport closest to us.  I think we got more :-).  I love weather.  I'm not sure why, but storms really fascinate me.  Christian and I were awake to watch much of it, until we were diverted from the show by Michael's frantic call that his basement bedroom was flooding! Well over a foot of rain had collected in the window well and water poured in through the window.  It was a long, long night that lasted into the early morning.  Today is going to be a slow day for Mom, indeed. We have lots of towels to wash and a nap to take.  With more storms predicted throughout the weekend, it's definitely time to read our rain books:

Down Comes the Rain,

Flash, Crash, Rumble, and Roll,

and Storm in the Night.