No Preschool Post Today

I really need to catch up on the laundry! If you need a daily dose "little one love," Dawn has an inspiring post on handcrafts for wee ones. And Donna Marie is talking about toys, Montessori, and art for the younger set. Kim's sidebars have an abundance of preschool resources and she's got some pictures and ideas of her own, too. Theresa's caught the "making manipulatives bug"  and she's on a roll (she's been doing some redecorating at her blog--very pretty!). I've listed all the Real Learning preschool posts on a sidebar list to your right.  Finally, if you are bubbling over and eager to share, they are chatting about preschool and all these posts and some new ideas too the 4reallearning message board. And I'll be back with some thoughts on teaching the faith to our littlest angels just as soon as I climb Mt. Never-rest!