The Bonny Glen in the Heart of my Home

We had a little visit, a much-too-short-little visit with some of our favorite people.  It's been far too long since these children were all together.  We've even added a few since the last time (which is why it's been so long). I had such fun watching my Katie totally entranced with Rilla and Wonderboy.


After they left, she promptly renamed all of her dolls "Rilla." 

Nicholas was shy at first.  He has a tendency to want to rehearse everything he's going to say before he says it and so he is quiet in a crowd.  After he emerged from behind a chair, he disappeared with Beanie and the two became fast friends. He told me as we went to bed that she's his new best friend. It's no wonder, she's a curly-haired doll baby, cutie pie.  She told me as they were leaving, "I'm not very happy about this."  Me neither, sweetheart.  Me neither.



We made the most of the time we had and I kept reminding myself not to shadow the sunny days with the dark cloud of their imminent 3000 mile move.

So there was one last,  great sleepover in the princess bed, followed by a great morning. (Beanie gives really good morning hugs!)


And then there was goodbye.  Saddest of all was the hug Jane gave Mary Beth.  I think that Lissa and I were both worried that they'd never let go.  Or maybe that they would and we'd both give in to welling tears.

San Diego is such a long, long way away. It's a good thing we both love to write and an even better thing that our children seem to have inherited the passion.