A Catholic on Campus: Yeah, what she said

I was going to post yesterday evening about the latest disappointment at my alma mater. The student press there might just have outdone itself. I wrote a couple of years ago about anti-Catholicism and the general promotion of sin. Since that time, after much thought and prayer and not a little doubt, a dear friend has enrolled at the esteemed University. She's finding it a bit of a culture shock. She's also taken on my mantle of protest. And since she's there and she's a very gifted writer (and since I'm days away from delivering a baby and can't seem to sit here for very long), I'll let her talk for me. Visit Courtney and hear what young Catholics are up against at secular univesities. Before you leave her site, please offer a prayer for her, too. I have a hunch it's pretty lonely in Charlottesville these days.