10 Random Facts about me--and YOU!

I never got tagged, but I read them all--at least I think I did.  And I decided not to write my own, but to borrow from all of you so...

1.Like Cheryl,  I wear this nightgown almost every night.

2. Like Kristina, I won our Junior High spelling bee and my favorite ice cream is peppermint stick.

3.Like Jenn, I've always wanted to be a homesteader...but I'm such a city girl, have no experience and I'm allergic to most everything on the farm -- grass, hay, trees, animals. It's not really a perfect fit. And my husband has no desire to farm. I've adjusted my dream somewhat. To own an old big farmhouse and small piece of land -- a small organic farm to grow herbs, fruits and/or vegetables? I think we want a hobby farm or be a gentleman farmer like Thomas Jefferson.
4. Like Margaret, I have tremendous respect for my friends who can sew. I myself cannot sew to save my life.

5.Like Alice, my name is between the covers of one of Lissa's Little House books, 'though it's not a dedication, but a "thank you."

6. Like Meredith, I am an introvert--but a real one, not a sort of one. I am really very shy.

7.  Like Jen, I worked as a lifeguard in high school (and college and while pregnant with my first child--I also taught swim lessons and coached the swim team).

8.Like Bridget, I start listening to Christmas music in October.

9.Like Kathryn, my favourite colour is pink. (I used that one from her because I could use "ou" instead of "o" twice!)

10. Like Sarah, I hate ketchup and I have an aversion to Ginger ever since I had it with morning sickness (though I still love the smell of Ginger perfume from Origins). I also love the smell of tea tree oil and of lavender oil...

And...I noticed that Lissa never got tagged so, she's it!