She's a handful!


Okay, so my baby skills are a bit rusty.  Either that, or I never used to get anything done around here!  This little bundle of love doesn't sleep much and she is only happy in my arms (or the arms of her biggest brothers).  Frankly, I'd like nothing better than to sit around for the next six months and just gaze at her (isn't she adorable?).  But, there were all those carefully thought out homemaking resolutions and all those lofty educational goals!  I can sit with her in my arms or stand with her in a sling--either way, I'm slow as molasses in January when it comes to productivity. I'm not all that into multi-tasking.  I'm a terrible typist with two hands, never mind with one.  The house must be kept, meals must be cooked and there are seven other children in my house who need my love and attention.  Much as a I want to, I can't babymoon forever. So, share with me ladies--what are your best life-with-baby tips?  How do you savor the infant days while still meeting the other duties of your vocation?


Lately, I've been thinking especially about a certain mother of 11, who did a beautiful job with her big kids (now grown and proof that it can be done), despite lots of babies for many years.  (Coincidentally, the sweater Karoline is wearing came from that very fine Ecole Buisonierre.)