Thanksgiving lapbooks


Here is a narration of Cranberry Thanksgiving on the left and a Thanksgiving poem for memory and copywork in the middle.


Mary Beth has written things for which she's thankful on the turkey's feathers. The purple matchbooks open to tell about the events on the Mayflower.


The map shows the journey from England to Plymouth.In the centerpiece are the steps for planting corn (I think this, the map, and the Mayflower pictures are from Enchanted Learning.). There is a folded Venn diagram just below the map (it's hard to see because it's yellow). Mary Beth compared our Thanksgiving dinner with the Pilgrim dinner.


On the right in this picture (really the bottom flap) is a four part shutter book with picture of spring, summer, winter and fall reduced from N. C. Wyeth's Pilgrims.  This is a really beautiful book!Beneath the flaps are narrations of each season that I keyboarded so we could fiddle with the font and make it fit.


Happy Thanksgiving, Katherine!  I'm glad you asked.