Keep it real

Danielle asks us to be real today.  In part, she writes, I love reading about other Catholic families, but let’s be real: Most of us aren’t going to be airing our dirty laundry here. And of course that’s how it should be. At least to some extent.

Since I really did air  my dirty laundry online, perhaps I shouldn't comment on this angle of blogging, but...

We read these blogs to be encouraged. When we write these blogs, it's helpful to remember that we are called to build each other up.  Sometimes, the great idea, the beautiful organized home, the perfect lesson plans, really do encourage and build up another woman.  They give her tangible inspiration. I have printed Alice's tea idea and plan to use it on Friday.  Kim's home organization tips bless me every day, a dozen times a day. And I admit to having Dawn's post on lesson planning open all day on Saturday while I tried to refocus my own plans.  I'm so grateful for these women of faith!

Sometimes, it's the admission that we're struggling that offers a blessing.It's a blessing to be able to pray with a friend, for a friend.It's a blessing to see how she can start with a mess and to cheer her on as she brings peace and beauty to her family's lives. We don't want to write or read day after day about how hard it is, how much we want a moment to ourselves, how tired we are, how much laundry there is. That would be discouraging.  But there is comfort, every once in awhile, to know that we are not alone in our struggles--our imperfections. And there is great comfort in knowing that it's okay not to be perfect.

Danielle is the master of being real,encouraging her readers with humor and graciousness. We know she irons once a year. We know she's been caught speeding (more than once).  We know her children have eaten less than perfect diets occasionally.  And it's all good.  Because we are always assured that God is at work in the Bean home. If it were perfect there, they wouldn't need Him. But they do need Him and Danielle doesn't leave you with the ugly imperfect; she points you to the beautiful source of grace.

We're all working together towards heaven.  And guess what? Heaven and the blogosphere are not one in the same. Blogs are nothing but a waste of precious time if they're not helping us get to heaven.  Meet me where I am, with my imperfections and my insecurities and walk with me towards the Perfector. Be my friend. My real friend.