For Martha's and Charlotte's Mama

Please take a moment to re-read this and then you'll know why the news in the Bonny Glen today makes me sadder than sad.  Won't you say a prayer for Melissa Wiley? Martha Morse and Charlotte Tucker are beloved characters in delightful books to many of us.  But to Lissa, they are daughters of her heart. How difficult it must be to let them go.

One more thing, if you feel sad about this, if you are dismayed to learn how HarperCollins is dumbing down literature for children, don't leave the comment here. Please leave the comment on the Bonny Glen link above.  I wonder what HarperCollins would think if we completely inundated Lissa's blog with outraged comments from thinking mothers with thinking children. I'd like nothing better.  Now, go tell your friends!  We need to direct the future of children's literature.  If ever there was a time to comment on a post, it's now and it's there. I'll see you there.