Spring Cleaning!

I've always loved the idea of cleaning on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of Holy Week so that the house is fresh and lovely for Easter. And, I've always been utterly overwhelmed by the idea as well.  It's never really worked to do the other things I want to do during Holy Week and to do my spring cleaning. I'm not sure why: my house is too big or too messy; my children aren't cooperative enough; my dog sheds too much? Whatever, it just never happens the way it reads in guides to the liturgical year. So, this year, I started early. I started yesterday. We did lots of de-cluttering. Today, we were ready to deep clean.


First, we noted that our crown of thorns was still pretty full.  I told the children that for every task done well and without complaining, we would remove a thorn.

Then, we borrowed a vacuum.  We borrowed an animal--a Dyson of incomparable strength. This vacuum makes me sing (literally)!  And my kids were pretty psyched about it too.

My mother always bought new cleaning products to motivate me to clean.  The promise of a smell is pretty enticing for me.  Mrs. Meyers even gives spring cleaning tips with her great smelling products. Environment_034

Among some other tips, there on the box, Mrs. Meyers herself said that no one was to go out to play without completing the chores.  Better that she should say it than I:-). Spray bottles that sing of honeysuckle and scrubbing powder that hums lavender--we were good to go!

Here's what we accomplished today:

  • Moved the refrigerator out from the wall and washed the floor and the sides of the fridge. Cleaned coils, washed the top of the fridge.  Cleaned the refrigerator and freezer inside and out.
  • Moved the stove out from the wall and did like with the fridge.  Clean the stove top and the oven.
  • Washed the microwave inside and out.
  • Wiped all countertops.
  • Wiped all appliances.
  • Wiped and polished kitchen cabinets.
  • Dusted and wiped the tops of kitchen cabinets.
  • Cleaned behind the washer and dryer (Stephen fit down in there).
  • Environment_035 Washed the mudroom floor.

Washed the tops of the washer and dryer.

Vacuum inside and on all the upholstered furniture.

Washed the mantle cloth and all the table runners.

  • Washed all the knickknacks and picture frames in the living room and dining room.
  • Vacuumed all the vents.
  • Vacuumed basebaords in living room, dining room, family room, kitchen, and foyer.
  • Vacuumed front stairs, back stairs, basement stairs.
  • Cleaned all the wooden furniture and then rubbed it with wood cream.
  • Thoroughly cleaned four bathrooms.
  • Vaccumed all the bedrooms, including baseboards.
  • Vacuumed learning room.
  • Washed, folded and put away three loads of laundry.
  • Washed kitchen, foyer and sunroom floors.
  • Washed all the first floor windows.

Whew! Now, to get to that "official" cleaning next week;-)