A Little Giggle

I truly do appreciate the nominations for the Homeschool Blog Awards. I think I saw Real Learning in the Curriculum blogs, the New Blogs, and the Live What You Believe blogs.  And while we have a bit of curriculum to sell  here and I definitely still feel like a blog newbie, I totally try to live what I believe.And so does my son.
However, though Michael may sometimes feel like a Homeschool Mom--what with all the baby bouncing, grocery shopping, and carpool driving he does--he most assuredly is not. Try as we might, we can't seem to have Van Goal (a really great TEEN blog) removed from the Homeschool Mom category. And I'm trying not to be a bit chagrined that my eighteen-year-old boy was nominated for having the best Homeschool Mom blog, but I wasn't. Hmmm...isn't that the point? That our children grow to be even better than we are? Maybe not, in this case. He'll make a great dad someday, but he's definitely not a mom, nor does he aspire to be one;-)
Now, go read all those great links.  What a plethora of unexplored blog inspiration on this page!