When was the last time you...

When was the last time I ...

1. kissed someone? This morning and I think I heard the familiar strains of "Leaving on a Jet Plane."

2. drank coffee? Sometime last week I had one of those "medicinal purposes" migraine coffees.

3. read a book? Just finished The Valiant Woman. (HT: Kim)

4. cursed? Um, I'm not really sure. Every once in awhile I am transported back to a sorority house on Chancellor Street and I slip...

5. had a nightmare? Last night. I fell asleep while watching a volcano documentary on the Science channel with Mike and boy, did it mess with my dreams!

6. checked your email? Six hours ago and that is some kind of record during the daytime for me.

7. had a crush? I'm still majorly "crushed" on my first crush. I married him.

8. drove a car?  A few minutes ago. We went to see the bluebells again.

9. rode a roller coaster? I don't do rollercoasters. Ever.

10. took a nap? Someone please remind me what "n-a-p" spells/means.

11. went to the movies? I saw The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe in December 2005. No, I'm not kidding. Before that, I saw Prince of Egypt and before that I saw Beauty and the Beast.

12. drank alcohol? I put Jim Beam in my baked beans every Friday. That's about as close as I get.

13. went to a party? Does cake and trophies after basketball with a bunch of eight-year-olds count?

14. said “I love you"? About a million times down by the creek an hour ago while I talked to Karoline about how cool the bluebells are and explained to my big boys about how sometimes our roles in life change and even though it hurts, it's a good thing.

15. cooked a meal? I made breakfast at six this morning and then again at nine.

16. exercised? I just hiked the Bluebell trail with twenty pounds of baby slung against my chest. That'll do it for today.

Thanks Dawn; that was fun!