Tah Dah!

It's still Wear an Apron Day! And I'm wearing mine.

National_apron_day_010Mine as in I made it! And I'm extraordinarily excited about it. I totally fell in love with an entire line of fabrics. I bought a couple of yards of it even though I don't know how to sew. Then, I saw this bucket hat and thought how much Mary Beth likes hats like that. So, I bought the book recommended by Soule Mama. Around that time, I read about Wear an Apron Day.

I love aprons. I am the world's messiest cook. My favorite aprons are denim and heavy twill and I wipe my hands on them all day long.  But, in the book, there was a pattern for a reversible apron. And, I think I might love fabric even more than I love aprons.National_apron_day_006_2 So, I temporarily forgot I can't sew and chose what was rated the hardest pattern in the book. Then, I added a ruffle and pockets to it.  I made a deal with Katie and Nicky:  I would only sew if they could "drive." That is, I'm only sewing if they press the pedal. It's rather like having a student driver at the wheel. And it slows the progress considerably.  They leave me alone during the cutting and the pinning and the turning and the pressing parts.  The book says that this apron will be so cute that you might just want to wear it out of the house. I'll tell you what, three seconds after it was finished, I was on the phone to see if Mary Chris was home. And if she had been, I think I would have worn it across the street. Maybe.  For now, I'm just floating around the house in it. And I'm avoiding the kitchen. Don't want to get it dirty:-). So now, all you homeschooling moms of many, go tie one on!

Note to the people in Denver: I still have to make that bucket hat and I promised Mary Beth that she could make an apron, too. Then, I really will buckle down and write a talk or two!