Way more than two or more...


We're gathering to pray for Heather, of the Homeschool Blog award staff, who will undergo brain surgery tomorrow. Please stop by and promise to pray and then hold her in your hearts and prayers!
Yesterday, Heather wrote:
But at this point I have no control over what Thursday holds for me. I can cry and flip out and waste these next 48 hours on what ifs and fear, or I can enjoy them knowing that whatever the outcome on Thursday- I lived my life to fullest. I laughed, I loved so very deeply, and more than anything I tried to share Christ's love at every opportunity these last 3 weeks. Come Thursday, all I can do is lay my antibacterial washed head down on that table and find peace in the knowledge whatever happens at the end of the day-

He’s already there.

Sounds like a good plan for all of us. Live life to the fullest; laugh; love deeply; and share Christ. Pray for Heather as you go about your joyful,busy day tomorrow.