Now that we've got all that out of the way...

Now that I've managed to live through State Cup, Recitals, Graduation, ODP, Scholarship Presentations, and anything else that should be capitalized because of importance--all in the same week--it's time to finally sleep and maybe usher this wicked virus out of my house (and my throat). But I have to hurry on the sleeping thing, because it's nearly time to pack for Denver! Karoline, Mike, and I will be heading west in a little over a week for the Rocky Mountain Home Educator's Conference. If you're anywhere close (westerners consider a 500+ mile radius "close" I've noticed), please come join us!

Rocky Mountain Catholic Home Educators Conference

"Teaching the Art of Living"

June 21-23
Holiday Inn - Denver International Airport

Denver, CO


Guest Speakers include: Eric Genuis, Kelly Roper, Bishop Michael Sheridan, Nancy MacArthur, Kim Fry and me (I'll be the one with the barely healed voice and the baby wrapped around her;-)!

There are lots of details here!  Go west, my friends! I'll see you there.