The State Cup (Part 1)

It was a beautiful day in Virginia Beach on Saturday and our favorite U-12 team, the United Juniors, took on their rivals, the Knights. They played hard and won, 2-0.  As the game ended, the clouds gathered.

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Karoline was not her cheerful self, but I was decidedly pleased with the outcome.


The remnants of tropical storm Barry rolled in and drenched the beach throughout the night, sending us packing and driving four hours home without deciding a State Champion. That final game will be played at a yet undecided time and place. One thing is certain, the state champions will have a homeschooler on the team. And it will be a homeschooler whose mom has written a book about Catholic homeschooling. But will it be the attacking midfielder of this book or the goalkeeper of this one? Stay tuned...

Many thanks to my friend Roger for the pictures. I, um, can't find the camera (;-) Bridget).

UJ vs Knight S-F State Cup Virginia Beach B,Va 

My Dad took some good pictures too, but I'm having trouble uploading...more later, I'm sure.